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  1. Canada goose family.jpg

    Canada goose family.jpg

    A family stroll.
  2. Canada goose chick

    Canada goose chick

    A few day old Canada goose chick.
  3. Canada goose and chick.jpg

    Canada goose and chick.jpg

    A mother and child bonding.
  4. American Robin

    American Robin

    Oxbow Nature Preserve
  5. Osprey_HF1jpg.jpg


    An Osprey shortly after catching a fish.
  6. House finch.jpg

    House finch.jpg

    A male house finch coming in for a landing at the bird feeder
  7. Eared Grebe

    Eared Grebe

    A male Eared grebe (breeding plumage) diving for food on a pond.
  8. White-faced ibis

    White-faced ibis

    A male White-faced ibis (breeding plummage) foraging along a stream.
  9. Northern Harrier.jpg

    Northern Harrier.jpg

    A Northern Harrier flying close to the ground looking for prey.
  10. Wood duck_HF3.jpg

    Wood duck_HF3.jpg

    One of the most colorful waterfowl In North America.
  11. Wood duck_HF2.jpg

    Wood duck_HF2.jpg

    One of the most colorful waterfowl In North America.
  12. Wood duck_HF1.jpg

    Wood duck_HF1.jpg

    One of the most colorful waterfowl In North America.
  13. Great horned owl

    Great horned owl

  14. Western bluebird.jpg

    Western bluebird.jpg

    A Western bluebird perched on a rusty post, catching insects. The males are one of the most colorful birds in the western United States.
  15. Cooper's hawk_HA.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_HA.jpg

    Copper's hawk take off series (1of3)
  16. Cooper's hawk_H3.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_H3.jpg

    Copper's hawk take-off series (3 of 3)
  17. Cooper's hawk_H2.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_H2.jpg

    Copper's hawk take-off series (2 of 3)
  18. Pacific wren.jpg

    Pacific wren.jpg

    Shortly after sunrise, a Pacific wren hopping rapidly around wooded branches along the pond. After a few weeks of looking for this wren, it was a nice surprise to cross paths finally. The moral of the story never give up.
  19. Phainopepia_022321_H.jpg


    Shortly after sunrise, a male Phainopepla perched on a tree.
  20. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    Male green-winged Teal have chestnut head with iridescent green extending from the eyes to the nap of the neck.
  21. White-faced Ibis

    White-faced Ibis

    Taken at a desert wildlife sanctuary in central Nevada, This illustrates the benefit of having a long lens. This bird was at least a quarter mile away and I had no opportunity to get closer. Pahanagat National Wildlife Refuge is a string of three small, natural lakes in the Great Basin area of...
  22. Double-crested Cormorant

    Double-crested Cormorant

    We have a little pond in our town as part of a golf course and, every winter, we get a small population of Cormorants as well as Canada Geese and duck hybrids. Mostly they just perch on our light poles but occasionally, they go for a flight like this.
  23. Gambel's Quail

    Gambel's Quail

    This covey are frequent visitor's to my backyard under the feeders.
  24. Great Basin Spadefoot

    Great Basin Spadefoot

    Great Basin Spadefoot (Spea intermontana: Scaphiopodidae) They range in size from 3.8-6.3 cm (1.5-2.5 in). They come out courting after summer showers. Photographed east of Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA at ca. 1,843 m (6,047 ft) elevation. Great Basin Desert, dominated by sage brush.
  25. Agassiz's Desert Tortoise (female)

    Agassiz's Desert Tortoise (female)

    Agassizs Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii: Testudinidae) The state reptile of California and Nevada; a federally endangered species. They reach lengths of 25.4-40.6 cm (10-14 in) long and 10.2-15.2 cm (4-6 in) tall with a domed shell and can weigh 3.6-6.8 kg (8-15 lb). The female has a...