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new holland honeyeater

  1. New Holland Honeyeater with honey

    New Holland Honeyeater with honey

  2. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    Whilst on holidays I found this bird enjoying the nectar from the native trees. Taken with a circular polarizer on the lens to silhouette the bird with the blue sky. Trust that I got the ID on the bird correct as I had never seen one of these before.
  3. new holland honeyeater

    new holland honeyeater

    I was just happy to get very close to this one...
  4. New holland honeyeater

    New holland honeyeater

    again a common bird in the southern states this image was made in a suburban garden in Adelaide.
  5. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    A New Holland Honeyeater is perched on a Dryandra bush,where is has been feeding on the yellow flowers.This species is found in the SE and SW of the continent,as well as Tasmania and Bass Strait Islands
  6. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

  7. 'Flitting around'

    'Flitting around'

    At the same time that I took the young Magpie this New_Holland Honeyeater was flitting around behind in the cypress trees and whilst I was sidling up to the Maggie I kept taking shots. Thought that I could share as I haven't uploaded one of these for a while and also new camera still a challenge!
  8. The joy of bug hunting

    The joy of bug hunting

    This New Holland Honeyeater has the remains of a bug in his mouth.
  9. Flying honeyeater

    Flying honeyeater

    New Holland honeyeaster caught in flight. I know it's not the best shot, but they're very hard to catch in flight. I haven't seen anybody else do it yet! (though I know somebody will show me a much better one after I post this! ;-)
  10. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    Adult of nominate race.
  11. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    One of a group of about 20 squawking and carrying on about something so I was able to get close enough to fill the frame.
  12. New Holland Honeyeaters

    New Holland Honeyeaters

    The Honeyeaters in my garden use this branch/twig as a lookout spot & to catch the last rays of the day
  13. 'I'm looking at you!'

    'I'm looking at you!'

    I had been down the creek and the light was fading so decided to go for trip up the road but before I could get out of my back paddock this little beauty was sitting on the top of one of the trees and posed until a 'Wllie Wagtail' decided to dive bomb it and then it was off for safer territory!!
  14. 'Do you likemy party dress?'

    'Do you likemy party dress?'

    Thought I could share this with you all! It's still auditioning for the 'ballet'!!!!
  15. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    I promise, this is the last new holland honeyeater I will upload for at least 2 weeks!
  16. 'Just Hanging around!'

    'Just Hanging around!'

    When I went back today to see if I could get a better shot of one of these fellows this one obliged without the slightest hesitation!
  17. How Many Honeyeaters?

    How Many Honeyeaters?

    How many new holland honeyeaters do you see in this photo? What is the world record for most in one photo?
  18. "I didn't fall off the wire!"

    "I didn't fall off the wire!"

    This is the fellow that was on the wire and stayed around for me to get more photos! I just thought that the other would bring a smile to your faces!! Happy to share this one!
  19. 'Bird on a wire'

    'Bird on a wire'

    I was lucky enough to spot this beauty as I was driving along and got some really good shots of it and it's friends. I was going to name it 'They told me I could fly' but thought other more appropriate! BS!.
  20. Two New Holland Honeyeaters

    Two New Holland Honeyeaters

    This was probably my second best shot when I went out for new holland honeyeater photos on Saturday
  21. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    I've long admired many of the great photos of new holland honeyeaters on this website. Yesterday I went out to get my own photo. After 3 hours of picture taking, this is the best I could get. Constructive criticisms welcome.
  22. Whiskered Honeyeater?

    Whiskered Honeyeater?

    Well no, officially it's a New holland Honeyeater but I think the old common name of Whiskered Honeyeater is far more descriptive. Unfortunnatly the girls also have whiskers
  23. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    It was great to see these colourful birds feeding on the Trees in Blossom
  24. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater
  25. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    At the water dish in my Garden