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new york

  1. lesser black-backed gull

    lesser black-backed gull

    nice breeding plumage adult found mixed in with other ring-billed and herring gulls.
  2. wilson's snipe

    wilson's snipe

    a lucky find in my neck of the wood's.
  3. ruddy duck drake

    ruddy duck drake

    nice breeding plumage ruddy duck taken in bronx county n.y.
  4. Peregrine


    Young Peregrine Falcon (Little Blue)
  5. Peregrines


    Two young Peregrine Falcons (Big blue & little blue)
  6. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine falcon "Broken Feather" (Female)
  7. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

    I had some nice light today to help show off this winter bird.
  8. Carolina Wren

    Carolina Wren

  9. Tufted Titmouse Portrait

    Tufted Titmouse Portrait

  10. White-breasted Nuthatch on a Cold day

    White-breasted Nuthatch on a Cold day

    All "puffed up" trying to stay warm on this very cold day.
  11. Hunger Pains - Carolina Wren

    Hunger Pains - Carolina Wren

  12. Hold On Tight Carolina Wren

    Hold On Tight Carolina Wren

    This Carolina Wren does a Marilyn Monroe imitation as it struggles to hold on......
  13. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

  14. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

  15. Carolina Wren

    Carolina Wren

  16. White-breasted Nuthatch

    White-breasted Nuthatch

    The White-breasted Nuthatch always seems "happy" to me! This energetic, curious and friendly little bird visits daily. He makes me smile.
  17. Downy Woodpecker

    Downy Woodpecker

    It was a cold, grey morning when I spotted this male Downy Woodpecker through my window. While I can not go out, we can visit though my window.... That cheers me up!
  18. Black-capped Chickadee

    Black-capped Chickadee

    A very friendly species. He watched the snow melt from his favorite perch while I shoveled my driveway today.
  19. Dark eyed Junco

    Dark eyed Junco

    The Dark eyed Junco stopped by for a quick stretch before the approaching snow.....
  20. Male Downy Woodpecker

    Male Downy Woodpecker

  21. A Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

    A Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

    Was not so surprised to see this Cooper's Hawk watching over my feeders.
  22. Juvenile Cooper's Hawk - Central Park, NYC

    Juvenile Cooper's Hawk - Central Park, NYC

    This young Cooper's Hawk was quite cooperative as it put on a display unsuccessfully chasing several squirrels in Central Park NYC. The photo was shot with a Canon 7d Mark II and a Canon 100-400 f4/L II lens.
  23. Two lovebirds huddling against wind

    Two lovebirds huddling against wind

    Can anyone tell me what's going on in this photo? They weren't moving at all. They were stacked right on top of one another. It was a very windy and cold day. I've never seen this before!
  24. Pink footed goose

    Pink footed goose

    Here's another of the pink footed goose.apparently it flew in the wrong direction on its winter migration.vagrant in the states.
  25. American Woodcock

    American Woodcock

    Well here is something I don't see very often. American woodcock.