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  1. The favourites with friends

    The favourites with friends

    Everybody loves Long-tailed Tits, so I can't resist photographing them when I catch them at the feeders. Just in case you're not sure, there's 4 and a bit of them, along with a Coal Tit and a Great Tit. Strangely we've not had them back at the Mause feeders up the hill this winter yet, even...
  2. A woodie treat

    A woodie treat

    It's not often I get two Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the picture, I think the female is a bit of a bully and he disappears as soon as he thinks she's around. If he doesn't get the message straight off she's at him and there's a bit of a chase round the trees!! They were a bit more comfortable...
  3. Cock Fighting

    Cock Fighting

    One of our Sunday day's out we decided on Balintore Glen. A little over half way along, we'd stopped to watch a load of Red Kite flying around, when suddenly Ken spotted these two cock Pheasants. The were putting up quite a fight!! Got a great view of one of them and what it looks like under...
  4. Mother love

    Mother love

    Moving along this lake a little, the water became more open and there at the edge of the reeds was a female Musk Duck with her duckling. This is a rather unusual species, the male looking really rather odd... you'll see him later. My first Lifer of the day and was just most unexpected.
  5. Wish all ducks were so easy

    Wish all ducks were so easy

    Now onto ducks and a Pacific Black Duck. I did find them rather attractive and so easy to identify. Nothing else looks anything like them, though I guess female Mallard are the closest. The males and females are virtually the same, though the male is usually larger. Sorry I was missing in...
  6. Not quite a home bird

    Not quite a home bird

    At Lake Seppings was this Eurasian Coot, would have made me feel right at home, except this is the Australian subspecies LOL. Think they look good wherever they are - shame he's got his remarkable feet hidden from view. Sorry I've not been around too much, I was a finger-breadth away from...
  7. The complex ones

    The complex ones

    We'd now got round the bay and stopped at Steppings Pond. Which seems to hold quite a number of species, and plenty of them too. Here's some Maned Duck, taking absolutely no notice of us, enjoying the taste of fresh grass. Yes, very complex. They can't decide if they ducks or geese, for...
  8. Coalie


    How strange.... I did a look back through my Gallery and I don't seem to have shown you a picture of a Coal Tit yet from the Mause Feeders. So not before time I give you this... how could I have over-looked them for so long - those feeders have now been up a year!!
  9. Making Hay

    Making Hay

    After lunch we were off on another adventure for me. Working our way round the bay we had an unscheduled stop when we spotted some Straw-necked Ibis at the far side of a hay meadow, in two biggish groups. A real treat for me as so far I'd really only seen singles or couples.
  10. A dark lump

    A dark lump

    I'm not sure whether it was Alex or June who spotted a dark lump on the beach. I had a look through my bins but still not able to work it out. I had to pile a load of paviours so I could gain a bit of height to peer over the fence. I wasn't until I got a fully zoomed in image that we could see...
  11. Friendly


    This was a rather friendly Australian Magpie, who used to come in on occasion and entertain June, who fed him in payment LOL. It was the only one she fed. This is one of the two the white-backed subspecies; I believe this one has more white than the other, but don't quote me on that LOL as I've...
  12. Picking flowers

    Picking flowers

    Walking back home, both sides of the road are very wide grass verges in front of the houses. Enjoying himself in the long grass and pretty pink flowers, was a very colourful Western Rosella. These pretty parrots are endemic to the Albany area of Australia. Just think, if I'd not gone to visit...
  13. Who's  a pretty boy then?

    Who's a pretty boy then?

    These male Common Pheasant really are so attractive when seen in their proper habitat, aren't they. This is a regular visitor to the Mause feeders, having a great time picking up what has fallen either by our clumsy hands or the habits of the birds who constantly drop seeds LOL.
  14. Not impressed

    Not impressed

    A Mute Swan was play-acting beside a couple of mates... but they don't seem to be enjoying the fun as much as he was. A rather distant view at Kinnordy in September. Saturday Fun
  15. Returnee


    This Australian Pelican appeared from somewhere and flew over the mud to join some pals.
  16. Grey in the mud = lack of contrast

    Grey in the mud = lack of contrast

    Which means my camera, anyway, struggles to focus properly. There were a few Common Greenshank out there. Thinking back, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw more of them in Australia than I've seen here!
  17. Pale face

    Pale face

    So we got down to the hide and the first bird I spotted was a White-faced Heron out on the mud,
  18. Garden visitor

    Garden visitor

    On our way down to the beach the next morning with June, we often peered into other people's gardens to see what was visiting them and in one we spotted this Australian Ibis.
  19. Is he about to doze off?

    Is he about to doze off?

    Sitting so nicely, I just couldn't resist a real close-up, zooming right in on this Australian Ringneck's head. Just for practise mind LOL, but I thought you might like to see it.
  20. Newly independent

    Newly independent

    Up at the Mause feeders in the middle of August, I found this juvenile European Robin. Doesn't seem too far off from showing his more adult plumage, does he. What a cutie he is.
  21. A nice reminder..

    A nice reminder..

    On the fence behind the car, so rather difficult to get at, was a sweet wee juvenile Northern Wheatear, still with a bit of a fluffy look. I thought I'd post this as a rather nice reminder of warmer summer days, which seem to be so far behind us and such a long way off into the future! It's 10...
  22. Parliament's in Session

    Parliament's in Session

    Red-capped Parrot
  23. A Joke?

    A Joke?

    There were a couple of Laughing Doves (presumably a pair) - I only just noticed this one as he walked out from that deep shadow behind him.
  24. Another large parrot

    Another large parrot

    Or the Australian Ringneck, this is the local one, known as The Twenty-eight. Still waiting to be split, I think. But I'm not holding my breath LOL So many parrot species in one small garden!
  25. We have lift off!

    We have lift off!

    There was a large water bowl in the middle of the lawn and at one point it got surround by Red-capped Parrots. There was also much coming and going and I just manage to catch this male leaving the party!