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nikon coolpix p900

  1. Shy


    There was also a male Superb Farywren around, but more of a skulker as he didn't really emerge from the shrubs and was only in view for a few seconds. Such pretty wee birds and the reason for my invite to stay with Hans and Judy.
  2. Pretty lady

    Pretty lady

    There were a pair of Superb Fairywrens nesting in Hans and Judy's garden, this is the female who emerged in a break between the downpours.
  3. With a companion

    With a companion

    The rain came on again, but it didn't stop this Brown Honeyeater coming in for a drink and it looks like a spider had joined him!!
  4. Lovable


    Back in the garden some Double-barred Finches had come in. These are really delightful wee birds; they look like little mice as they scurry around. Really small for finches.
  5. Unsure


    The rain hadn't yet greened things up much, but this young Australian Magpie didn't seem to mind, think he was just relieved to have had some rain!
  6. Mystery solved

    Mystery solved

    I didn't have a suitable Saturday Fun image until I woke up this morning and spotted this Rook feeding on the coconut fat! For days I'd discovered the coconut shells were on the ground and couldn't understand how it was happening. Now I can see, so will have to make sure that top feeder tray...
  7. At the water's edge

    At the water's edge

    Eventually the torrential rain eased up, so I had a wander round the grounds to see what was new since our trip to Bowra. The dam that Hans had dug out was quite a bit fuller than it had been 5 days before. A Magpie-Lark was looking for food there.
  8. Ol' Golden Eye

    Ol' Golden Eye

    A Pied Currawong was sitting on the fence, unsure whether to brave the flight down to the garden, joining the other birds in a feeding frenzy!
  9. Identical twins

    Identical twins

    Along with the King Parrot were some Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. I managed to get these two isolated from the group.
  10. Quite regal

    Quite regal

    Although we'd done the outward journey to Bowra in two days, we did the return in one long session. We left temperatures of circa 40C but as we climbed the Bunya Mountains encountered first rain.... which then turned to snow!!! There had been some rain while we were away which has mostly...
  11. The last catch

    The last catch

    The last picture I took at Bowra, a superb reserve. Found this Black-fronted Dotterel with a decent sized catch. Don't know what it was though. Sadly, all my pictures for the journey home seem to have got deleted; so I've none showing my first sighting of Wedge-tailed Eagle, nor the snow on...
  12. Shade-lover?


    Well why else would his face not be tanned eh? When we got back to the homestead, we had a last look at the dam, for we were leaving in the morning for the long drive home. A White-faced Heron was patrolling the shallows.
  13. Keeping control

    Keeping control

    I think it's dad that cares for the youngsters; he seems to have the measure of his job anyway LOL. Here was another family of Emus out on the entrance road through the reserve. They weren't far from us but didn't seem at all concerned by our presence. SF
  14. A one off

    A one off

    This Brown Falcon was the only one I saw on my travels. The light was all wrong, so I've had to adjust the levels to try to get some detail.
  15. In the Brown

    In the Brown

    Exploring the Saw Pits road, we came to the dam and found an Australasian Grebe there. Why the preferred that one to the Back Dam I don't know LOL... guess there's a reason.
  16. A one off

    A one off

    Still out of the car after photographing the woodswallow, I spotted this Mulga Parrot. The only one I saw on my trip. Rather pretty parrots these I think, even though he was keeping very much in the shade due to the extreme heat that day.
  17. Rather pretty

    Rather pretty

    We'd hardly left the compound when I was diving out of the car again to get this lady White-browed Woodswallow. The only female I saw on my travels and the Cunnamulla area was the only place I saw the species.
  18. Making out

    Making out

    Back at the homestead dam, an immature Red-kneed Dotterel seemed to be well independent, striding along at the water's edge.
  19. Ever wondered

    Ever wondered

    Why it's so difficult to see birds sometimes? This Australian Ringneck made it really, really difficult. In fact I'm really not sure how I spotted him and managed to get a picture at all LOL Saturday Fun
  20. Pretty in pink

    Pretty in pink

    I thought this made for a rather attractive picture with the three Galahs in the trees.
  21. BF Masked Woodswallow female 10 October 2019.jpg

    BF Masked Woodswallow female 10 October 2019.jpg

    As I said yesterday, along from the male was a female Masked Woodswallow. Afraid the light was a bit awkward on her.
  22. Head-turner


    A pair of Masked Woodswallows landed on the tree the other side of the dam. This is the male.
  23. What's going on?

    What's going on?

    A rather unusual pose and look from this Spotted Bowerbird. Don't they blend in well to the habitat!
  24. They travel in flocks

    They travel in flocks

    ... and a flock came in to drink. It's a mixed group with the males having the red-spotted creamy face; the females and juveniles are rather duller.
  25. I'm sure I dropped it there!

    I'm sure I dropped it there!

    The first time I saw a Yellow-throated Miner trying to drink from a perch. Doesn't look too sure about whether it's possible, does he LOL.