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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Ignatius

    CP+ 2024

    Here are some images of the Nikon booth at tzhis year's CP+ show, courtesy of Optyczne.pl
  2. A

    Nikon Monarch HG 10x42 blackouts

    Hello, I recently bought this bino and I am having some problems when I look at the edges of the image. I haven't had roof binoculars in the past so I don't know how they are supposed to work and what to expect. I think I have set the IPD well and I can see the whole field when looking at the...
  3. Emily Taylor

    Found a used Monarch X for a cool $90 (10.5x45)

    Had a lot of good luck at this pawn store with my weird hobbies, found the GPS unit I wanted in 2012 that Garmin no longer makes in April, found a real firefighter helmet with visor last November, and now these 10.5x Monarchs I also wanted back in 2012 when I started to take birding more...
  4. A

    Monarch HG good deals non gray market in the Netherlands

    Hello, after hours and hours of research I have decided to get a new Nikon Monarch HG 10x42 (or MHG? I mean the new model). A friend is coming from the Netherlands in a few weeks and is willing to bring me these binos since I simply can't get them here. I learned from these forums that there is...
  5. W

    Considering a Partial Camera Upgrade - D500 w/ 200-500mm lens

    Hello! I’m a novice bird photographer, and I’m trying to improve my skills. I’ve spent a lot of money on my camera set up, and it’s been wonderful for the past few years; however, I’m often disappointed with my image quality. Here’s the specs and shooting style I’m working with: Body: Nikon...
  6. T

    Seeking recommendations/input…

    Howdy! Have recently caught the bino bug… Have an NL 8x32 and a Kowa BD 6.5x32. Previously had the Nikon TB ATB 10x25 but those are now “unusable” (age?:; obviously bested by the new glass, especially what now feels like the pinhole/straight-jacket view along with what now feels like a...
  7. N

    Zeiss CHD 8x32 vs Nikon MHG 8x42

    Hi folks! These days during the sales these 2 models almost cost the same (CHD just 10€ cheaper). I googled and found the topics ( SLC, Monarch HG, Conquest or Trinovid ? & Nikon Monarch HG or Zeiss Conquest HD ) where lot of positive votes went to Nikon. Weight difference (guess ~200g) aren't...
  8. Kingfisherconbabuina.jpg


    During a regular day at Tarcoles River boat tour, it's possible to find up to 5 species of King Fishers doing their thing. On this occasion, we photographed it with a local fish called Babuina. Ringed King Fisher is our most prominent species. Belted is the only migrant to our country the...
  9. Will K

    New Camera Suggestions (Nikon Coolpix P1000 focus)

    I've never owned a 'serious' camera before, and I'm looking at the options that are currently available. My main criteria are: Very powerful zoom capability (possibly boosted by big lenses on a tripod). Not too complicated to operate. Main subject: birds and other wildlife. From the little...
  10. E

    Binoculars for bird watching

    Hello everyone! I am new to this website. Thank you for having me! I come with a question. I want to gift my boyfriend a pair of good binoculars; he is a biologist but only has a bootleg, extremely heavyweight set. However, I don't really understand what really makes good binoculars for...
  11. A

    Nikon Monarch M5 or GPO Passion ED?

    Hello, after weighing many parameters, I ended up at these two models from which I can pick one. I have been using Monarch DCF 8x42 for 17 years now. No problems, apart from serious wear-off. Now I want to change to 10x42 and step up if possible. I had no chance to try the GPO 10x42, only a...
  12. Nuthatch


    Nuthatch looking upwards perching on a broken branch
  13. M

    Monarch HG 8x30 vs 8x42 ?

    I own the Monarch HG 10x42 and love it. Want to buy one more pair of HG's to complement the 10x42 Headed to Africa for Safari (Okavango and Chobe) with my wife and mother. None of us need glasses for binocular viewing. 8x30 is a bit lighter and smaller - the weight savings may be noticeable...
  14. binomania

    Nikon P3 and P7 have arrived

    Hello everybody. Last week Nikon Italy sent me two copies of the new Nikon P3 and P7 for me to write a review. I plan to present it next week, unfortunately I have little time to do it and I have to return them almost immediately. So ... we update. For now I publish this photo. Thanks everyone...
  15. My Dinopium Neighbour.

    My Dinopium Neighbour.

    A Common Flameback Woodpecker On site.
  16. Salve Mr. Human

    Salve Mr. Human

    Bronzeback Keelback In A Keen pose.
  17. The Assasin

    The Assasin

    The Assasin Big, I Relate This Bug To A Raptor Named Mantis "The Praying Mantis" Not Beacuse Of Any Physical Similarity, It's Because Of It's Name Which Better Suites On The Praying Mantis.
  18. has530

    4 Compacts Briefly Reviewed, Vintage Vs. Modern Head to Head

    Preamble While I know some dislike them (to quote allbinos.com: "a real pair of binoculars starts from 28-30 mm objective diameter"), I enjoy compact binoculars. While I can readily acknowledge their optical drawbacks, I am of the opinion that the best pair of binoculars is the one you have with...
  19. Play With Your Food

    Play With Your Food

    This Yellow-crowned Night Heron tosses a small crab in the air to position it for a good swallow (he dropped it the first time!).
  20. Get Outta Here!

    Get Outta Here!

    A Yellow-crowned Night Heron takes offense to my presence after several minutes of observing him hunt.
  21. Inconspicuous Tricolor

    Inconspicuous Tricolor

    This Tricolored Heron nearly missed my notice -- I hadn't seen him from the trail, so when I went off to track the Yellow-crowned Night Heron (also posted today), he was quite the surprise
  22. An Awkward Turn

    An Awkward Turn

    A Green Heron executes an awkward turn to see what the hubbub is about when a Snowy Egret squabbles with a Tricolored Heron
  23. Woody In Woods.

    Woody In Woods.

    A Lesser Golden Flameback woodpecker.
  24. An Attention Getter

    An Attention Getter

    A young Green Heron perks up and stares at the camera after hearing the shutter fire
  25. Juvenile Drongo

    Juvenile Drongo

    Photographed A Juvenille Black Drongo At The Time Of His Rest After Training.