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north america

  1. J

    North America, California, San Diego, semi-arid, Kingbird

    This is North America, California, San Diego, semi-arid. I’m uncertain about naming of this bird. Perhaps a juvenile Cassin’s Kingbird. Its flycatching, perching, and habitat are consistent. However, the very light coloring of the breast and back, and the rust-colored belly are a bit confusing...
  2. Mourning Doves

    Mourning Doves

    I learned at times a dove will bite another dove to make it move.--Thanks for all your kind words on my pictures
  3. Yellow-crowned Night Heron

    Yellow-crowned Night Heron

    This Yellow-crowned Night Heron flew by me on the beach in Florida after doing a little crabbing.
  4. Juvenile Eastern Phoebe

    Juvenile Eastern Phoebe

    Four juvenile Eastern Phoebe's were in "flight school" when I walked out on my front porch. After a few shots of them and a parent I went on a walk. When I returned they were all gone! Hopefully they'll all start putting a dent in the local mosquito population!
  5. Eastern Phoebe

    Eastern Phoebe

    This parent wasn't happy with me for stumbling across it's flight school. The second brood of the summer had hatched and was all over my front porch when I walked out with a camera!
  6. Least Tern

    Least Tern

    A Least Tern on the beach either looking for a nest, a mate, or both.
  7. Eagle-eye


    This osprey flew over us while on the beach at Fort Pickens, Florida, USA. Sadly he never dove for a fish while he was near!
  8. Dinner for Two

    Dinner for Two

    Couple of ospreys enjoying their catch at Fort Pickens, Florida, USA. My wife took this photo!
  9. Green Heron

    Green Heron

    This Green Heron put on a show for me while we waited for a dolphin tour. I have several photos of him that should turn out great!
  10. Yellow-crowned Night Heron

    Yellow-crowned Night Heron

    Yellow-crowned Night Heron stopped by for a little crabbing on the beach!
  11. Black Skimmer

    Black Skimmer

    Large group of sea birds at their nesting beaches. Gulls stirred up these Black Skimmers and Terns and they flew by.
  12. Least Tern

    Least Tern

    Passed some Least Tern nesting colonies in Mississippi and had a couple parents irate at me for being in the same county as their beach. Of course I-90 was literally five feet from me so I dunno what they was so mad about!
  13. Osprey


    My wife took the camera to shoot across the car at this osprey who was enjoying it's kill. One of numerous successful hunters this morning, this one is chowing down on it's catch!
  14. Osprey


    On vacation in Pensacola, Florida, US and discovered Osprey's are pretty common. Caught this guy flying across the road out at Ft. Pickens!
  15. Barred Owl

    Barred Owl

    I've seen this Barred Owl twice this week while on my morning runs; the second time I was able to call my wife to bring down the kids and camera. She took a series of photos and while I'd liked to have adjusted the settings more, I'll settle for this photo! Hope to keep seeing him in the future!
  16. Carolina Chickadee

    Carolina Chickadee

    The window feeder brings at least six different species of birds up close and personal. I NEVER thought it would really work!
  17. Painted Bunting

    Painted Bunting

    I never thought in a million years that the stick on window feeders would "work." Not only do they work, but I have several species using them and almost don't care about humans being on the other side! Great way for my kids to experience song birds up close!
  18. REB_2013.jpg


    Bluejay on lilac tree branches.
  19. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    seen in Florida
  20. Wild North America

    Wild North America

    A map of the iconic North American wildlife ;o)
  21. Any idea what species this is?

    Any idea what species this is?

    Again, I'm not familiar with North American birds so could really do with some help. I shot this in Vancouver, BC. Any help at all would be great. Thanks, C
  22. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    The light had simply amplified his beauty.
  23. Female North American Cardinal

    Female North American Cardinal

  24. Ruby-throated Hummingbird

    Ruby-throated Hummingbird

  25. Northern Mocking Bird  Tattnall County Georgia

    Northern Mocking Bird Tattnall County Georgia

    These lively birds are very intelligent, love to sing and mimic other birds and insects.Very territorial. Loud and aggressive. Very watchful of their nest. Will fearlessly attack anything, from cats, much larger birds of prey and humans to protect it. I have been dive-bombed by these birds but...