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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

north america

  1. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

  2. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

    ISO800, 1/50sec, f/2.8, exp 0, multisegment metering, Av mode, remote, 2 sec mirror lock.
  3. White-throated Sparrow

    White-throated Sparrow

    ISO 800, 1/60sec, f2.8, EXP 0, Av mode, 2 sec mirror lock, IR remote.
  4. White-throated Sparrow

    White-throated Sparrow

    ISO800, 1/5 sec, f2.8, EXP-0.3, Av mode, 2sec mirror lock, IR remote. Distance ~9meters
  5. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

    ISO200, 1/25sec, f2.8, EXp-0.3, Av mode, CWA metering, Automatic WB, 2 sec mirror lock, remote.
  6. Dark-eyed Junco

    Dark-eyed Junco

    ISO800, 1/100sec, f2.8, EXP +0, CWA metering, 2sec mirror lock, IR remote
  7. American Robin

    American Robin

    Lots of Robins in the backyard recently. This is very low light. ISO 100, 4/10sec, Multisegment metering, f3.5, EXP-0.3, RAW. 2sec mirror lock, remote. Converted to TIFF in sony Raw converter. Then processed in my el-cheapo photoimpact program. At the end I apply a soft focus filter and created...
  8. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    No more cardinals for the day. YOu have my word.
  9. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    ISO 400, 1/60sec, EXP-0.7, Av mode, f2.8, 2sec mirror lock, IR remote. This male sat for a while and let me take several pictures and have all my kids look at him with the scope.
  10. Robin


    ISO800, 1/50sec, f3.5, EXP-1, Av mode, evaluative metering. 2sec mirror lock, IR remote
  11. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

  12. Carolina Chickadee

    Carolina Chickadee

    RAW. 1/15, ISO800, evaluative metering, f3.5, EXP-1.3. Aperture priority. 2sec mirror lock. IR remote.
  13. Tufted Titmouse

    Tufted Titmouse

    RAW format. ISO800, 1/10sec, f3.5, EXP-1.3, evaluative metering, AV mode. 2sec Mirror lock, IR remote. To be honest, the original image looks quite different.
  14. Too much time in my hands

    Too much time in my hands

    there you have it. A little crop from the robin pics taken this morning. Went crazy on the frame. I have tried to sharpen using high pass mask. I like the technique.
  15. American Robin

    American Robin

    ISO800, 1/25sec, f/2.8, Exp-2/3, CWA metering, manual focus, 2sec mirror lock, IR remote. Uncropped, distance~9meters.
  16. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

  17. Red-bellied Woodpecker

    Red-bellied Woodpecker

  18. Another Cardinal

    Another Cardinal

    ISO100, f/2.8, 1/5sec, EXP+0.3, CWA metering aimed at the back, manual focus. Aperture priority. 2sec mirror lock, remote, RAW.
  19. Northern cardinal

    Northern cardinal

    I didn't know how to crop this picture. So I didn't crop it at all.
  20. Another Wren

    Another Wren

  21. For the Wren Lovers

    For the Wren Lovers

    Giving RAW a trial. ISO100, 1/25sec, f2.8, manual metering. EXP=0. CWA metering aimed at the throat. Remote release, 2 sec mirror lock up. Antishake ON.
  22. American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch

  23. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    same setting as in previous picture
  24. Brown Thrasher

    Brown Thrasher

  25. Predator


    It is very cold in Atlanta. Got no birds today, just the predator.