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northern mockingbird

  1. Deep in thought

    Deep in thought

    I haven't been able to get on here since the last post--work got real busy--haven't even been able to take any pics. This was just prior to the show he put on with the moth--I wonder if he was thinking about the moth or the show he was planning to give me--hehe
  2. Fall Mockingbird Portriat

    Fall Mockingbird Portriat

    Cut out a portriat of it the Mocker among the fall leave.
  3. Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

    I took this photo a few days ago. Nothing new from yesterday as there was no light at all and I wound up taking several hundred shots at ISO1000 and binning the lot. Anyway, this bird came along and finished eating all the berries off the Dogwood tree (the ones the Grey Squirrels left). You can...
  4. "and a Mocker in a Pear Tree"......

    "and a Mocker in a Pear Tree"......

    couldn't find the Partridge... Back from Virginia and didn't get the first bird shot. Someone told me about an Albino Deer but it was gone by the time I arrived. Visited some nice old homes and saw some beautiful scenery, mountains and fall leaves. Mostly what I took pictures of over the week...
  5. That was so good I could dance

    That was so good I could dance

    He is just so happy that he can't stand still
  6. Brunch is over & Tummy's full

    Brunch is over & Tummy's full

    Here he looks content--no more tummy grumbling
  7. Sunday Brunch

    Sunday Brunch

    He looks pretty pleased with himself
  8. Beauty and Beautyberry for Digi

    Beauty and Beautyberry for Digi

    Mocker in soft focus, if at all Background is cluttered, Color scheme is awful and screaming "Help", and its noisy Now that should have gone in the round file!!! But I kind of like this one, besides, this Mocker trusts me enough to sit there for a while and not fly off the minute he...
  9. Hush Little Baby----here it is!

    Hush Little Baby----here it is!

    This is a Very patient Mockingbird sitting on a stump in my backyard.
  10. Posing


    Was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and din't have to wait as long for him to come out of the briars to check me out. Maybe he recognized me from yesterday and figured "what the hey, why not sit for a few pictures to make him go away" By the way, this is full frame, just reduced...
  11. Mocker


    Had to wait him out, as he was in the underbrush feeding on berries. It paid off when he came out and showed me literally all sides of him, including his backside, when he flew off.
  12. Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

    Hey almost got one of KC nice dark bg's. I'm working on it. Caught this one on an unusally cool October Carolina morning.
  13. The Mocker

    The Mocker

    Another shot, and memory to brighten up a really wet, windy, miserable day. Another shot of the Nortern Mockingbird outside our hotel room in Nashville.
  14. Hid among the leaves

    Hid among the leaves

    I tried for one of KC's dark bg's that look so good. Didn't quit get the look though.
  15. High Wire Act

    High Wire Act

    Boy are these birds plentiful, and love to pose. Couldn't resist this one.
  16. Good Morning, again!

    Good Morning, again!

    Different view of the singing Mockingbird.
  17. Good morning!

    Good morning!

    Recently a small group of Northern Mockingbirds have come through, singing daily-fun to hear
  18. The Flying Mocker

    The Flying Mocker

    Probably one of my better attempts at aerial images, a flying Mockingbird.
  19. Another Scruffbag

    Another Scruffbag

    This Northern Mocker was in a bit of a state too.
  20. The Mocker?

    The Mocker?

    I got some great shots of this guy outside our hotel in Nashville. These birds are very animated, and sing so loud and so beautiful. I hope I am right with the ID, if not I'm sure our buddies from over the pond will let me know.
  21. Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

  22. Juvi Northern Mockingbird

    Juvi Northern Mockingbird

    Took this photo this AM at Saratoga Battlefield Park but had trouble ID'ing it. Thought Mockingbird at first but didn't seem to have the right markings or coloring but posted a pic on local bird club site and 3 other folks said juvi Mockingbird so guess I will go with that as there isn't really...
  23. We dance.....but I lead

    We dance.....but I lead

    Caught these Mockingbirds playing around.
  24. Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

  25. Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird