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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Blue-tailed Bee-eater in Penang Malaysia

    Blue-tailed Bee-eater in Penang Malaysia

    Photographed this beautiful Blue-tailed Bee-eater at a paddy field in Penang, Malaysia last week during my birding exploration there.
  2. Blue-tailed Bee Eater at Penang, Malaysia

    Blue-tailed Bee Eater at Penang, Malaysia

    Last week, I was on the island of Penang in Malaysia, and I did some birdwatching at one of the paddy fields to find this beautiful Blue-tailed Bee Eater perched on a stick.
  3. Common Tailorbird

    Common Tailorbird

  4. Common Redshank flock

    Common Redshank flock

  5. Thick-billed Green-pigeon

    Thick-billed Green-pigeon

  6. Brown-throated Sunbird female

    Brown-throated Sunbird female

    Like any sunbird,the female is rather plain but more hardworking
  7. Brown Shrike

    Brown Shrike

    Cropped to show close-up details of frog :)
  8. Blue-tailed Bee Eater

    Blue-tailed Bee Eater

    Blue-tailed Bee Eater, taken in the paddyfields.
  9. Stork-Billed Kingfisher

    Stork-Billed Kingfisher

    Stork-billed Kingfishers on a power line overlooking a commercial fish pond. You can tell it is eyeballing something fishy below :)
  10. Bee Eater

    Bee Eater

    Blue-Tailed Bee eater. Got me a pair today :)
  11. Blue-tailed Bee-eater

    Blue-tailed Bee-eater

    Blue-Tailed Bee Eater, very streamlined and sleek. You can tell this one is built for speed :)
  12. Kingfisher


    White-Throated Kingfisher, wish I could back off a bit to allow more space in the composition. But I am not complaining :)
  13. Brown Shrike

    Brown Shrike

    Brown SHrike feeding on frog.
  14. Chestnut Munia

    Chestnut Munia

    Chestnut Munias are not as common as the other Munias. They specialise in eating grass seeds and have large conical beaks adapted for this purpose. They feed low among tall grass or on the ground.
  15. Asian Glossy Starling

    Asian Glossy Starling

    A long range effort and quite a crop as well. Another shot from the construction site I frequented quite often.
  16. Tiger Shrike

    Tiger Shrike

    Another shot of Tiger Shrike from today's effort.
  17. Tiger Shrike

    Tiger Shrike

    Tiger Shrike, juvenile.
  18. Brown Shrike

    Brown Shrike

    Quite common at this time of the year. Found mainly in the lowlands foraging for insects and small reptiles.
  19. Asian Glossy Starling

    Asian Glossy Starling

    Asian Glossy Starling, juvenile.
  20. Pacific Swallow

    Pacific Swallow

    Pacific Swallows eat insects, catching them during flight. To feast on swarming insects, they may join other birds like Swifts. But unlike Swifts that simply trawl the air with their mouths open, Swallows don't hunt on the wing. They perch and wait, then actually chase after individual prey and...
  21. Damselfly


    Sunlit backlighting with reflector. Background is out of focus bush.
  22. Yellow-Bellied Prinia

    Yellow-Bellied Prinia

    Yellow-bellied Prinias eat insects for which they forage actively among low bushes or tall grass. These active, slender birds may hop up grass stems to scan the surroundings, making lively and loud calls. But at the slightest sign of danger, they dive down into the tall grass, or flies low over...
  23. Brown Shrike

    Brown Shrike

    Brown Shrike - Full frame capture of a Shrike with tall grass for background. 300mm @ 1/125 f6.3 ISO-200
  24. Shrike


    Brown Shrike, Asian species casually occurring in Alaska from the western Aleutians, St. Lawrence Island, and Anchorage; fall and winter records from California. Preferred habitats include lowlands, farmlands, downlands, and orchards with thickets and scrub. 300mm @ 1/80 f10 iTTL flash fill...
  25. White-throated Kingfisher

    White-throated Kingfisher

    I quite like the side profile view. You can tell she's having a bad day fishing at the nearby pond in the dry season. Technical note :- 300mm @ 1/125 @ f5 iTTL flash fill ISO-200 slightly cropped, otherwise a full frame capture. Range to subject about 12 feet, shot taken from a 'vehicle hide'.