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peregrine falcon

  1. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Well I'm over the moon this weekend as my birding friend and I got pics of this wonderful juvenile Peregrine Falcon. My friend Chris is quite a good birder and spotted this bird in town a few time over the last several months and it was spotted again on the Christmas Bird Count on the top of a...
  2. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    This is the male partner of the female in my last post. I was lucky to find them both perched today.
  3. Peregrine overhead

    Peregrine overhead

    Just set my camera to take pics of butterfilies on a hillside when a kestrel flew by. Just as I looked up this peregrine appeared and tried to grab the kestrel. Both circled me at speed and I just managed to get this in the frame before both disappeared. Would have been better to get both in the...
  4. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Not feeling at all good this morning, really hurting with the man flu. Banged my toe twice yesterday, its black this morning, and throbbing like a good un. 58,000 posts, so it has to be my fave birds.
  5. Urban peregrin falcon

    Urban peregrin falcon

    This is a small crop to straighten up the architecture. The best I could do for an image of a peregrine falcon in a modern urban setting. Not everyone's cup of tea but in the words of JohnnyOxygen "I hope you like".
  6. Sam Looks

    Sam Looks

    This is the male Peregrine hanging around because his mate is eating her Christmas week sushi--he thinks he might get some leftovers. Instead he got "coal in his stocking." He does have a full crop though; he obviously already had breakfast.
  7. Feather's Fly

    Feather's Fly

    Emma's Christmas week sushi meal.
  8. Clean Your Beak

    Clean Your Beak

    This is Emma after eating her Christmas week pigeon sushi.
  9. Peregrine falcon with chicks

    Peregrine falcon with chicks

    I have several thousand images of peregrines ...many that are crap but I am not emotionally resiliant to get rid of images of the Manchester birds. I have a handful of fairly good ones. They are extremely difficult to photograph well in an urban setting. This is probably my favourite. It is the...
  10. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Late in the afternoon I noticed a Peregrine Falcon land in a hug old gum tree about a K away from our house,I walked over hoping to get a picture-I was suprised to able to get close enough to get some reasonable images. Hope these are of interest.
  11. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    late afternoon,I saw a Peregrine falcon land in an old gum tree about I km away,I walked over hoping to get a picture and was pleased to get close enough to get some reasonable images.
  12. Chesney- The One And Only

    Chesney- The One And Only

    Well Peeps, The suns out here this morning, but its not throwing out much heat at all, and its really cold out there. Im not venturing out in this weather again, as its treacherous trying to walk out there. Ive fed and watered the birds, so today Im just going to sit back...
  13. Peregrine Falcon - Juvenile

    Peregrine Falcon - Juvenile

  14. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Juvenile - Unfortunately I "clipped" the tail feathers... : (
  15. Watching, waiting......

    Watching, waiting......

    This Peregrine is always on the same roost lately, what a sight to see!
  16. Power Stretch

    Power Stretch

  17. Release the Feather

    Release the Feather

  18. Attention


  19. Fan It!

    Fan It!

    When you've go it, fan it!
  20. Peregrines Mating

    Peregrines Mating

    Well Peeps, Its a wet n windy morning here in Lakenheath today, and dark as a witchs hat. Dont look like Im going to be able to try my new rig out today. The forecast for tomorrow looks better, and Hazel wants to go shopping in Mildenhall, so maybe Ill get a lift down to...
  21. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Has captured a Black-tailed godwit
  22. I Can't Hear You

    I Can't Hear You

    Was my stoop* against that bad RTH great or what...I can't hear you! * http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/335305/limit/recent
  23. Post-stoop Portrait

    Post-stoop Portrait

    This is "Emma" the female Peregrine following her stoop-endous flight* to confront an invasive Red-tailed Hawk. * http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/335305/limit/recent
  24. Stoop Sequence

    Stoop Sequence

    In case you wondered if a Falcon changes shape in order to achieve maximum speed check out this stoop sequence. The Red-tail didn't even have time to get his "gear" up.
  25. The Crow Lived

    The Crow Lived