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  1. Peruvian Tern

    Peruvian Tern

    A lovely specialty of the desert coast of Peru, barely reaching into southern Ecuador and northern Chile
  2. Peruvian Martin

    Peruvian Martin

    A large, scarce swallow that is the nearly endemic to the arid coast of Peru
  3. Piura Chat-Tyrant

    Piura Chat-Tyrant

    A localized endemic found on the western slope of Peru's northern Andes, here seen at the Abra Porculla, in the department of Piura that gives the species its name.
  4. Ancient Antwren

    Ancient Antwren

    A tricky canopy bird. Not the best photo, but I was happy to see it at all!
  5. Duida woodcreeper

    Duida woodcreeper

    One of the now four species that all used to be lumped under Lineated Woodcreeper
  6. Pearly Antshrike

    Pearly Antshrike

    An uncommon and skulking bird that can be found in the lowlands of northern Peru.
  7. Chinchipe Spinetail

    Chinchipe Spinetail

    A pretty little spinetail found in dry forests in a small area of northern Peru
  8. Loja Tapaculo

    Loja Tapaculo

    One of only two tapaculos with these characteristic white shoulders, the other being the White-winged Tapaculo, which is endemic to the eastern Andes of north-central Peru.
  9. AndyS56

    Peru, between Puno and Arequipa October 2022

    The last leg of the journey! A bumper bundle this time. #2 looks like an Ibis but I haven't been able to narrow it down further than that. #3Franklin's Gull? #4 Cinclodes? If so, which species? #5 Andean Goose All help always appreciated. A happy new year to you all, Andy
  10. M

    Humebo Lodge Peru - July 2022 - Hummingbird ID

    Still working through photos from this year and re-identifying species I photographed in Peru. The attached photos show two species. I believe the one on the left is a Lesser Violetear (distinct from Mexican/Green in eBird FWIW (but open to being corrected). The bird on the right is confusing...
  11. Snowy Egret

    Snowy Egret

    Having a bad hair day!
  12. Chestnut-throated Spinetail

    Chestnut-throated Spinetail

    A sneaky bird with a bizarrely patchy distribution in the foothills of Peru.
  13. G

    Help! Small bird seen at Cock of the Rock area in Peru August 14, 2022

    Please help me id this small bird seen in the Manu Road and Cock of the Rock area on August 14, 2022.
  14. G

    Hummer at Wayqecha Biological Station

    Please help me id this hummingbird I saw on 13 August at Wayqecha Biological Station.
  15. Chestnut-tipped Toucanet

    Chestnut-tipped Toucanet

    A fairly tricky foothill toucanet, it had eluded me for a year, but Hacienda Armorique is a sure spot for it, and I finally got good views of this lovely toucanet!
  16. Epaulet Oriole

    Epaulet Oriole

    A lovely lowland oriole, spotted from a crumbling, abandoned canopy tower near Puerto Maldonado!
  17. Paramo Seedeater

    Paramo Seedeater

    A nice surprise, quite a scarce bird in this part of northern Peru!
  18. Long-crested Pygmy-Tyrant

    Long-crested Pygmy-Tyrant

    A cute little bamboo specialist, we found a pair that was building its nest, and got to watch them at length.
  19. Rufous Twistwing

    Rufous Twistwing

    A tricky bamboo specialist, we spent about two hours crawling around a sprawling Guadua thicket and only getting glimpses until we stumbled upon a path cutting through it, and found the twistwing hunting maybe 5 meters off said path, in an area with a much more open understorey, where it gave us...
  20. Gray-bellied Comet

    Gray-bellied Comet

    A stunning north Peruvian endemic, this canyon is pretty much the only reliable location for it. For some reason, it is not nearly as well known as the Marvelous Spatuletail, but when seen in flight, I'd say it's nearly as spectacular, and well deserving of attention, as it is probably at an...
  21. Parkinson's Petrel

    Parkinson's Petrel

    A lovely petrel, which breeds on only two islands off New Zealand, and disperses to the waters of Central and northern South America after breeding.
  22. T

    White-chinned/Parkinson's Petrels, nw Peru, saturday

    Hi everybody, I went on a little pelagic outing off the coast of Piura, in northwestern Peru last saturday, and Procellaria Petrels were some of the most common birds around. Many were clearly White-chinned, with a fully pale bill tip, and very rarely a visible white chin (see photos 1-3)...
  23. Blue-gray Tanager

    Blue-gray Tanager

  24. Tumbes Tyrant

    Tumbes Tyrant

    A lovely Tumbesian endemic. Always a treat to deal with a Tyrannid that's easily identified!
  25. Tschudi's Tapaculo

    Tschudi's Tapaculo

    One of the many Peruvian endemic tapaculos, quite common at high elevations in cloud forest and near the treeline.