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  1. B

    Hello from Poland!

    Hi! My name is Ira and I'm a student based in Kraków, Poland. I've taken an interest in ornitology when i was 13 because my parents were also big enthusiasts of it. I want to come back to bird watching because it was a very exciting hobby and I need something to be passionate about now that I'm...
  2. Mute swan

    Mute swan

  3. Great bittern

    Great bittern

    Yes, it is there! The great ghost of reeds.
  4. P

    Birding in Southern Poland in September

    Hi all, I'm off to Poland for a non-birding work trip in September. Obviously, I'm packing my bino's and hope to add a lifer or two to my list! I'll be restricted to the Southern Poland by the Czech border (flying in to Krakow but staying in the Dolnosalskie region near Klodzko), and i'll be...
  5. A

    Bird of prey id - Poland

    I saw this beautiful bird in an area somewhat close to the Suwałki city in Poland. As you can see in one of the photos, it was flying over a lake. I think it may be a Eurasian marsh harrier, but perhaps it is a black kite or something else entirely?
  6. Great tit

    Great tit

    Technically my first bird photo :) I dont have a good camera (yet! im getting a Canon SX70 soon) so i used an old camera i found somewhere lying around, which is a FUJIFILM finepix XP30. Not a great photo, but i just wanted to share it as i found it a bit funny that i took a bird photo with an...
  7. Brown hare

    Brown hare

  8. Eurasian jay

    Eurasian jay

  9. Male blackbird

    Male blackbird

  10. Brown hare

    Brown hare

  11. ParisNorway

    Migrating geese in March in Southern Poland

    The quality may be terrible, because it's smartphone + binoculars Likely species: Greylag goose Tundra bean goose
  12. 01101001

    Fieldfare's song, 20 Jan, Warsaw, PL

    This morning I saw a singing Fieldfare perched in a tree that had indistinct and limited spotting on the sides of its belly and only a small area of yellowish orange suffusion at the upper breast, under the chin (= 2cy spring as per Blasco Zumeta's pictures?). Its song reminded me of Eurasian...
  13. 01101001

    Wader near Warsaw, Poland (August 2021); description only

    At that time I didn't expect to see a wader, let alone a redshank in one of a complex of fishponds I had regularly visited. All the same, it would be a nice tick for that spot, so here is my oh-so-uninformed comment from back then quoted in full: Enough for a Common Redshank? A Spotted Redshank...
  14. 01101001

    [Poland] Warsaw, 28.11

    small city park 1. sparrowhawk (dumpy--short neck, the size of a collared dove, horizontal barring together with a yellow eye) 2. the eastern race of Eurasian Treecreeper (long hind claw, uneven steps, long supercilium)
  15. 01101001

    [Poland] Warsaw, 31 October, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl...

    ... and why not (apart from it being out of range)? big city park, old-growth trees, grass, water, mouselike rodents galore, >= 3 tawny owls on site, one single call at 20:08 (sunset at 16:09) TL;DR Here's a recording. No, the owl is gone.
  16. 01101001

    Poland, Warsaw, mid-May 2022, nightingales

    I was going through some older photos when I noticed these. There were two birds at that site. The one in the first two photos sang a typical common nightingale's song. I had thought the one in the reeds was the same individual, but now I'm second-guessing myself because of the contrast between...
  17. 01101001

    Poland, Warsaw, 02.11, (un)common buzzard?

    Longer wings and tail than I would perhaps expect. Rough-legged? (Taken with a smartphone, so apologies for quality.)
  18. Middle Spotted Woodpecker

    Middle Spotted Woodpecker

    I first saw it being driven away by the larger Eurasian Green Woodpecker. The bird was pretty cooperative and perched still, so I took twenty-odd closeups only to discover that somehow I could tell the woodpecker from the tree on just two of those. This is the sharper one. My first for this patch.
  19. 01101001

    Warsaw, Poland, 09.10

    Habitat: meadows with bushes, a forest and human settlements nearby. 1. A Barbary dove (not a feral pigeon on head and bill shape?). 2. A(n unidentifiable?) brown finch (twite: conspicuous white wing bars, darker upperparts, small beak, more deeply forked tail, bulk; linnet: time of the year...
  20. 01101001

    Kostrzyn river valley Natura 2000 site (Poland), 21.09 (mostly birds of prey)

    Habitat: river, meadows, forest 1. Not a kestrel, jizzwise. The lack of a prominent moustachial stripe (1.3) excludes the hobby and the peregrine. It flew high above the ground and made a few circles, so it was not a merlin. It had a brownish tinge on the upper wing feathers (1.4), so maybe it...
  21. Roe deer

    Roe deer

  22. Eurasian jay

    Eurasian jay

  23. Great tit

    Great tit

  24. Blue tit

    Blue tit

  25. Nuthatch