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  1. Was the neck length an afterthought?

    Was the neck length an afterthought?

    I looks like the top part of his neck was added on later. They all seem to have this twist, as if the angle was wrong LOL. With some of these egrets it seems to be even more noticeable.
  2. Varied Lorikeet

    Varied Lorikeet

    Tomorrow we're away for a few days birding, back on Tuesday.
  3. Lurking


    Can you see him!! He was quite hard to spot and photograph, but got there by just clicking and hoping LOL. This is an Australian Reed Warbler, which really pleased me as I don't get to see 'our' one up here in Scotland (though I think they're beginning to breed here now).
  4. Scarlet Honeyeater

    Scarlet Honeyeater

  5. The Terrible Twins

    The Terrible Twins

    Up on the branch of a tree we spotted these two fledgling Willie-wagtails. I think they're waiting for mum or dad to come back with some food.
  6. Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet

  7. There's always one

    There's always one

    Spot the odd one out! In another of the more enclosed pools came across these whistling ducks. The first time I'd seen any ducks in this family. They're really rather attractive with those large whitish flank feathers (not visible in this image sadly).
  8. White...


    ..... shows up well in the dark! We'd found our way to some darker pools, very shaded by the overhead canopy. Fortunately some shafts of sun was falling on them. These ibis were trying to keep their feet dry by balancing on a fallen tree. Running very late today I'm afraid. Had to go to the...
  9. The little one

    The little one

    Very similar to our Little Grebe, this is the Australasian version. Still just as cute, I think.
  10. Long Toes

    Long Toes

    Their long toes allow them to spread their weight as they run across the lily pads. This behaviour explains their pet name of "Lily Trotter". Lovely looking birds these I think.
  11. Passing strangers

    Passing strangers

    We were passing between two lakes and on the left hand one got two new birds for my list in the same frame (however, that's really not too difficult when everything is new LOL). Here we have a Pacific Black Duck and a Dusky Moorhen.
  12. White-throated Treecreeper

    White-throated Treecreeper

  13. Not banned

    Not banned

    .... but they are double-barred!! These guys are really tiny, look like little mice running around in the grass. I saw them in many places in Queensland, as they quite common in the tropical north and east of the state. But seem to be absent from the rest of the country.
  14. Whistling Kite (imm)

    Whistling Kite (imm)

  15. A little quiet

    A little quiet

    This is a Peaceful Dove and they're really tiny for doves, smaller than our Blackbirds! A charming species I think and so pretty too.
  16. Foraging waggie

    Foraging waggie

    We arrived at Sandy Camp Road Wetlands and it wasn't long before I discovered why Ken liked to go there! There were several birds foraging on the path that led down between two lakes. I'll not show them all, but will start with one of the most delightful of Australias birds a Willie-wagtail...
  17. Comb-crested Jacana (imm)

    Comb-crested Jacana (imm)

  18. Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    The next day Ken took me to one of his favourite patches but on the way stopped off at Lindum Park to see what was around. Mostly stilts, but I didn't get a better picture of one than I'd already had, but as we were leaving I spotted this Gala, with colours like a pretty iced cake LOL
  19. Close to the ground

    Close to the ground

    A huge, slow-flying pelican came past. As you can see there's not much undercarriage clearance LOL. I still struggle to understand how they manage to take off at all though - they just seem to defy gravity LOL
  20. Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla)

    Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla)

    This is where we saw the Buff-sided Robins and the Purple-crowned Fairywrens.
  21. Red-backed Kingfisher

    Red-backed Kingfisher

  22. Elegance


    I'd been wanting to see a stilt for years! Tried to see "Sammy" in Norfolk, but he disappeared just a day or two before I went! Here's one in Australia, three names they have, Pied, White-headed and Australian, so take your pick LOL.
  23. Varied Lorikeet

    Varied Lorikeet

    My favourite photo from the trip!
  24. A Recycler

    A Recycler

    Some people don't seem to like these as they raid the dustbins. But of course they do a good job of getting rid of our rubbish. However, my favourite bird colour scheme is black and white, so I'm a fan. LOL
  25. Northern Rosella

    Northern Rosella