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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Australian Brush Turkey

    Australian Brush Turkey

  2. Metallic Starling

    Metallic Starling

  3. Victoria's Riflebird (m)

    Victoria's Riflebird (m)

  4. Victoria's Riflebird (imm m)

    Victoria's Riflebird (imm m)

  5. ... and so to the last from QLD

    ... and so to the last from QLD

    We then went to Buckley's Hole. How things can change over a few weeks, very little there, but on the lagoon was a Pied Stilt contemplating life - stilts have long been a favourite of the larger waders. Now it was off to the airport to catch a plane to South Australia and a new adventure. Peter...
  6. No fire-eater this one

    No fire-eater this one

    On the other side of the path I suddenly became aware that Hans was peering through a fence. When I joined him I found he was watching an Australian Water Dragon. Rather cute, aren't they
  7. Just got him!!

    Just got him!!

    Walking back along the patch a Brahminy Kite suddenly appeared in the gap between trees swinging my camera up I just managed a couple of shots before he went out of sight!
  8. Paddling


    Back at the lagoon, was another Great Egret, this time in the water, not on the mud. Really rather handsome birds, aren't they.
  9. A stone on the beach

    A stone on the beach

    On the way back to the entrance, I found another Beach Thick-knee, well I think it was a different one as it was a slightly different part of the beach from the first two. What a conundrum, thick-knee or stone-curlew LOL
  10. Charmer


    As I was leaving the beach, a Willie-Wagtail decided to put on a display for me beside a baby mangrove. Such charming cheeky guys these. Sorry I've not been around much, but this week has been taken up with health things. I've a trapped nerve in my spine and have had investigations to find out...
  11. One of two

    One of two

    Australia has two oystercatcher species, this is the Pied Oystercatcher, the other one (Sooty) is completely black apart from the legs and bill.
  12. Stray feathers

    Stray feathers

    I'd now left the main footpath and wandered down onto the beach... not a lot to see, but there was this rather pretty Silver Gull.
  13. A bit itchy

    A bit itchy

    A Little Pied Cormorant was sitting on a post at the end of the reserve, quite oblivious of passers by.
  14. Another wader

    Another wader

    I rather liked these little Striated Herons and was so glad to see another on my last day in Queensland.
  15. On the prowl

    On the prowl

    A pretty close view was got of a Great Egret in that lagoon on Bribie Island too. Didn't manage to see if he caught anything though.
  16. ... for buried treasure

    ... for buried treasure

    The same Australian Ibis as I showed you yesterday, but this time he appears to be hunting for the buried treasure he knew must be down there. I'd not really noticed the red area on top of the head before! Saturday Fun.
  17. Hunting


    Australian Ibis
  18. Confused


    Not only are Beach Thick-knees called stone-curlews sometimes, they also moved to another Genus meaning they are known by another scientific name by some LOL But these were our main target for them, as they're not seen everywhere.
  19. A different cuckoo

    A different cuckoo

    So my last day with Hans and Judy and my final day in Queensland. An early start back to Bribie Island, as H&J hadn't been there for some years and it was near the airport. I sure didn't mind re-visiting this lovely place. First bird to show himself was a pretty Black-faced Cuckooshrike (he...
  20. Good move

    Good move

    We then went back to the railway museum in Blackbutt, which worked out for us, sort of! For thereon the corner of the museum building was the pair of Red-rumped Parrots; but I messed up the pictures somewhat, but here it is as a record shot.
  21. A local special

    A local special

    Then we were one a real hunt for the Red-rumped Parrot as Hans was determined to try and find one for me, when suddenly one landed on the telegraph wire not too far from where the Dollarbird was!!! Sadly, again the light was not good from where we were, but at least I saw one and got a shot of it.
  22. Dollar in the blue

    Dollar in the blue

    On our way back home we drove around Blackbutt again and found this Dollarbird near the golf course. Such pretty birds when the light gets them right, but didn't show too well in my pictures.
  23. The little guy was back

    The little guy was back

    Even though I say "little" they're still quite big and he was smaller than the other Lace Monitor (or Goanna) that was around. You can just see the end of his tail on the far left of the picture.
  24. Unnoticed


    I'd not noticed the Lewin's Honeyeater behind the Green Catbird until this morning, when I spotted a moving white spot as I scrolled through my images. So did a pretty big crop and adjusted some levels and he popped out a bit.
  25. Azure Kingfisher

    Azure Kingfisher

    The azure kingfisher (Ceyx azureus) is a small kingfisher in the river kingfisher subfamily, Alcedininae (wiki).