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  1. More fun with crows and hawks

    More fun with crows and hawks

    They were at it again in the skies over my house - an American crow and a red-tailed hawk.
  2. Eddie_the_Eagle

    UK buzzard populations 2-3 centuries ago?

    I'm trying to find out the estimated common buzzard Buteo buteo populations in the UK in the 1700s and 1800s, for some coursework I'm doing. So far I've found more than enough of 'the buzzard was widespread until around 1775' and 'in recent years its numbers have increased', but no actual...
  3. Collared Sparrowhawk

    Collared Sparrowhawk

    Found a pair observing a small dam in the Kamarooka NP
  4. Falsub.jpg


    Juvenile Hobby
  5. F

    Raptor Dolomites/Alps Italy, July 24th, 2021

    End of July I saw this raptor soaring. Altitude approximately 1400 - 1700m. Near Madonna di Campiglio (edge Alps/Dolomites, Italy), mountainous forest area. Unfortunately very high and distant (apologies for the very small images). Although a Common Buzzard is likely, I noticed that it was...
  6. Osprey


  7. D88123F5-18B4-4B54-876B-5EFE5631E26F.jpeg


    Red Kite - Wales
  8. Indian Spotted Eagle

    Indian Spotted Eagle

    Small Eagle. Common in woodlands in winter
  9. Long-legged Buzzard

    Long-legged Buzzard

    Winter Migrant to Rajasthan Large Buzzard, loves Desert Jird and Spiny-tailed Lizards as prey
  10. Juvenile goshawk

    Juvenile goshawk

  11. OSPREY Port St Lucie, Florida

    OSPREY Port St Lucie, Florida

    right after I took this picture a lady pulled up to me and asked it I had gotten a good picture of the Eagle. I told her it was not an Eagle and she looked at me as if I was stupid or insane.
  12. DSC_7624.jpg


    Little Owl
  13. DSC_9726.jpg


    Western Marsh Harrier
  14. DSC_8425.jpg


    Booted Eagle
  15. Eastern Marsh Harrier Miss

    Eastern Marsh Harrier Miss

    A duck ducks under water to avoid an Eastern Marsh Harrier
  16. Dimitra_v

    raptor ID (Northen Greece)

    I think maybe a falcon species and not an Accipitriformes species, because of the wing shape?? (I also cant find any Accipitriformes species that have such pale primaries, unless that is a plumage deformity? very unlikely) I saw this flying over a marsh around sea level. It flapped rather than...
  17. Buzzard.


    Buzzard (Pale phase in flight) Pale phase Buzzard could be confused with Rough-legged Buzzard or Long-legged Buzzard.
  18. kahraba

    Two raptors - Irazu, Costa Rica

    Prompted by recent threads about Costa Rica, I got back into old pics from february '16. These two raptors were seen at Irazu Volcano. I suspect Tiny Hawk for the second one (photos 2 & 3), whereas for the first one I have very little idea. It was flying quite high overhead.
  19. Dimitra_v

    Dead raptor ID (Greece)

    I saw this corpse washed up on the shore. I took a close-up of its talons to see if that helps with the identification. I found it in the Thermaikos gulf, Thessaloniki. Anyone know what It might be? I dont know many birds of prey, and this one is really decomposed. I just worry if it is a rare...
  20. Dimitra_v

    Raptor identification (Thessaloniki area, Greece)

    I saw this one today, it looks like a common buzzard, but the color variation in there birds confuses me, and I can't find many reference pictures of common buzzards with this plumage sitting down. Is there a chance that this is something else, like a european marsh harrier? (there are marsh...
  21. Osprey with a fish

    Osprey with a fish

    This osprey had caught a fish and was heading back to its usual high perch to eat.
  22. Common Buzzard

    Common Buzzard

    Common Buzzard checking out...
  23. GracieChun

    Raptor ID - Tequesquitengo, Morelos, Mexico - 27/2/21

    This raptor landed in a tree having just swiped it‘s prey out of the air (possibly a swallow). It was a long way off so photo clarity is not great. Possibly a juvenile, but really not sure what it is. Seen just near lake Tequesquitengo in Morelos, Mexico, on Saturday 27 February 2021. I have...
  24. Barred Owl

    Barred Owl

    Watches and listens for any rodent movement below the snow covered field below.
  25. A

    Raptor ID Pakistan

    This raptor was captured at Mithi, Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan. Not sure about the ID due to its paleness. These are the only photos. Sorry for their poor quality.