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red-breasted goose

  1. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

  2. Geese and ducks

    Geese and ducks

    Species in the frame: Red-breasted Goose, White-fronted Goose, Mallard
  3. Geese and Ducks

    Geese and Ducks

  4. Red-breasted goose

    Red-breasted goose

  5. Greater White-fronted Geese and Red-breasted Geese

    Greater White-fronted Geese and Red-breasted Geese

  6. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    A single one stay for few days on a chanel near Crisan Village, in Danube Delta.
  7. if only there were a pair.

    if only there were a pair.

    have heard sightings of another red-breasted goose in the lothians if only they met and were different sexes.who knows it might happen.this one seems to be showing no signs of leaving here just now been around for months and sighted in different areas moving around.a beauty indeed.
  8. still hanging around.

    still hanging around.

    this one is getting more wary now and i dont blame it.saw 4 dogs at different times but within 20 minutes run and attack the swans,geese,ducks any birds while the owner walked on.one lady walked passed as her dog nearly gripped a young swan,my erin said thats a bad dog gran i said within ear...
  9. just nice to see.

    just nice to see.

    escapee or wild i do not know but nice to see and what a sight in amongst those greylag.was rather tame allowed me very close but so did the greylag.
  10. what a goose.

    what a goose.

    got info on this one being around so went looking this morning.found lots of greylags and meet another gent looking for this one.a guy walked by with his dog and the greylags moved and low and behold the red-breasted goose appeared from the middle of them.super little bird.wild or escapee who...
  11. Geese on Lake

    Geese on Lake

    Flock of White-fronted Geese and Red-breasted Geese on Nuntasi lake (Dobrogea county, Romania)
  12. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    I'm uploading this, as Mali mentioned that one is being reported at my local Reservoirs today. This bird sort of lives at the Reservoirs. It's not ringed, but most seem to think it escaped from a collection. I've uploaded this pic as it shows there's no rings (I'm hoping I've not uploaded this...
  13. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    I've been a bit preoccupied today, but I'd better at least upload one picture.|=)| This is another pic of the RBG from the Reservoirs in June. I meant to upload it ages ago, but as usual, I forgot.
  14. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    Spent an hour at the Reservoirs this morning, and was a bit surprised to see this with the Canada Geese. It's not ringed, but I assume it must still be an escapee. Back a bit later, loads of Warbler pics to sort through
  15. Geese


  16. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

  17. Red-breasted Geese

    Red-breasted Geese

    A flock of Red-breasted Geese few days before departing from their Bulgarian wintering grouinds.
  18. Playing peek-a-boo

    Playing peek-a-boo

    This one goes from one side of the tree to the other peeking out. The female YB Sapsucker has been raising hell with all the woodies the last week.
  19. watercolours


    White-tailed Eagle, Squacco Heron, Bengal Eagle Owl, Red-breasted Goose watercolour on Fabriano paper (all are 12x15 cm)


    The Read-Breasted Goose is an extremely scarce winter visitor. Mostly a solitary bird amongst a large flock of other Geese species. When I discovered her amongst hundreds of Brent Geese my heart was beating about 200. It was very difficult to got a free sight. One short moment they...
  21. Red-Breasted Goose

    Red-Breasted Goose

  22. Close to Nature Red-breasted Goose

    Close to Nature Red-breasted Goose

    Durankulak lake is a coastal lagoon, situated in North-East of Bulagria and separated from the Black Sea by sand dunes and a beach. It is biggest wintering site for the Red-breasted Goose with over 40,000 individuals, 50% of the world population. It is also a winter home for over 30% of the...
  23. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose
  24. Red-breasted Goose

    Red-breasted Goose

    This picture was taken by Pavel Simeonov, at Lake Durankulak (Bulgaria). It represents the biggest wintering site in the world for the Red-breasted Geese with over 40,000 individuals average, 45% of the global population of the species.
  25. Red-breasted goose

    Red-breasted goose

    This is the bird reported at Dungeness. I took this yesterday from about 150m from a public footpath. There was a bit of mist as well - hence the quality. CP4500 and Leica APO77