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red eyed vireo

  1. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    Surrounded by berries, but uninterested in them. This bird was intensly hunting for bugs and insects.


    This Red Eyed Vireo was so intent on hunting for insects that it hardly paid any attention to me. Usually they are high up near the top of the tree, but he made a few forays into the lower branches and gave me the opportunity to snap a few shots.
  3. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    I was working outside a few days ago when I noticed many small birds flitting through the vegetation and trees surrounding the property. I took them to be Chickadees and Song Sparrows, but on closer inspection it turned out o be a mixed wave of various warblers and flycatchers. In a few short...
  4. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    Caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Looked up, saw bird high in tree, raised camera, fired off one shot, then bird gone. All in about 2 seconds. These guys usually don't linger long so you can get a good shot of them.
  5. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    Still trying to get a decent shot of this bird. So I was hanging around the dogwood shrub he seems to favour for a time hoping he'd show up. Obviously he did, but seemed displeased with my presence, as he gave me the stink-eye from a tree above the shrub.
  6. Red Eyed Vireo in a Dogwood shrub

    Red Eyed Vireo in a Dogwood shrub

    Not having much luck getting a clear shot of this bird. Though he visits the dogwood several times a day, he's just too quick for my slow camera. Managed to get this with my camera pressed directly against the screen in a window. Acts like a cheesecloth or a course anti aliasing filter and...
  7. Red Eyed Vireo in a Dogwood shrub

    Red Eyed Vireo in a Dogwood shrub

    A blurry image I know. I was taking a photo of a bright area moments before so had my iso set at 64, and when this opportunity happened I didn't have a chance to change it and it slowed the shutter speed way down. Posting this more for interests sake rather than photographic excellence. The...
  8. Final Red Vireo photo

    Final Red Vireo photo

    Again through the hazey window, but just too cute not to post. This might be a "See ya next spring." farwell pose.
  9. Another shot of the Vireo

    Another shot of the Vireo

    Got another photo of this Vireo. May not get many more, after this it will be the fall/winter birds that will be around. Have to enjoy this one while I can.
  10. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    Surprised to see this fellow today. All the other migratory birds have gone south I believe. Saw our last hummer around Sept. 14. Sorry for the quality, this was taken in a hurry through a rather hazy double glazed window.
  11. Red Eyed Vireo again

    Red Eyed Vireo again

    These guys are tough to capture at the best of times, and as they're probably going south for the winter at any minute, might not see one again till next spring. So with that in mind, I might as well throw out the only other decent photo I managed to get of this guy today. See ya next year Vireo!
  12. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo

    Among this afternoon's usual cast of characters in the yard, (The list includes chickadees, a few different varieties of finches, doves, nuthatches, sparrows, woodpeckers, a Blue Jay, a chipmunk, my dog...) there appeared this unexpected gem. A Red Eyed Vireo. The bird population around here is...
  13. Here's another one

    Here's another one

    that doesn't sit still and hides in the foliage. Was hoping to get better pictures, but at least another Yard bird
  14. Red-eyed Vireo

    Red-eyed Vireo

  15. Red Eyed Vireo

    Red Eyed Vireo