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red wattlebird

  1. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  2. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  3. Wattling


    Almost immediately after seeing the rosella, some movement above my head alerted me to a Red Wattlebird sitting on a wire. Needed a bit of post-processing to get some colour out of him, wish I was better at this job though LOL.
  4. Then the bairns arrive

    Then the bairns arrive

    Then one that caught me out rather, I knew it was a Red Wattlebird, but there was something different about it. Turned out it was a juvenile.
  5. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

  6. In the shade

    In the shade

    The following day Peter and Adrienne took me on yet another adventure.... off to the Flinders Ranges, a long way north and west of Adelaide. We travelled north up the coast to Port Augusta where we stopped to visit the botanic gardens for late lunch. Walking through the gardens to the cafe, I...
  7. The red one

    The red one

    This is a juvenile Red Wattlebird, not the first I'd seen (which was in Adelaide but without camera). Unfortunately, the sun was shining on the window that morning, so we didn't get the timing right, did we. Sorry... really not been much with it the last few days. Had a bad fall on Saturday...
  8. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  9. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  10. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  11. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird
  12. Red Wattlebird.jpg

    Red Wattlebird.jpg

  13. Leaping Wattlebird

    Leaping Wattlebird

  14. Drop ear-rings?

    Drop ear-rings?

    Still having our lunch on the verandah was more entertainment when a Red Wattlebird landed on the gutter of the annexe. He actually had the cheek to look down on us at one point seemingly to check what we were eating LOL.
  15. Looking for honey?

    Looking for honey?

    ... don't think he'll find much in the grass do you? I think this was the only time I saw a Red Wattlebird on the ground. They're one of the many, many honeyeaters in Australia, in case you're wondering about the title.
  16. Dancer


    ... or is it Prancer? ... and not a red nose in sight, just a red wattle! Oh sorry about that... don't know what I'm thinking.;) Just after looking at the Rosella, my attention was drawn to movement above my head and I saw a Red Wattlebird sitting there. The first one I'd seen on this leg of...
  17. Junior


    I struggled to identify this one at first, but Peter kindly came to my rescue, when it became obvious. It's a juvenile Red Wattlebird. If you get your magnifying glass out you can just see the tiny buds of the wattles appearing.
  18. Wattles on show

    Wattles on show

    Depending on the angle, I've sometimes found it difficult to see the wattles, but they do show clearly here I think. We'd barely been here an hour and already I'd seen a lot of different species, some of which I hadn't yet managed to get a picture of the action was so fast.
  19. Wattled


    A pretty early start the next day as we were travelling I don't know how many miles westwards along the coast. Well about 310 km to our first stop at Port Augusta. And what a great stop this proved to be, for we went and had lunch at the Arid Lands Botanical Gardens. Walking from the car park...
  20. Wattled


    I saw my first Red Wattlebird (another type of honeyeater!) shortly after arriving in Adelaide, but didn't get a picture that time. Here's a youngster, with very tiny wattles who came down for a drink in the early morning light. This, too, was taken through the window or... TTTW
  21. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

  22. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

  23. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

    A very wet red wattlebird
  24. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird

  25. Red Wattlebird

    Red Wattlebird