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  1. Bronze Grass Skink

    Bronze Grass Skink

    This little fellow don't seems to be afraid of human. It stays still for a while after spotted me and that gave me opportunity to take more shots. Very common seen species here in Borneo even in urban area but if in natural forest, it will appear much bigger with deeper tone color.
  2. Brown basilisk lizard

    Brown basilisk lizard

    Also known as 'Jesus Christ lizards' for their ability to run across the water's surface on their hind legs. This lovely male was still wet after a rainshower, and was displaying the spiny fin along his back, his head sail, and his dewlap. They're an invasive species in Florida, like so many...
  3. Androsnick

    Large snake ID from China

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help ID this large snake from China. It was seen on the island of Chongming which is just off Shanghai. I've attached a couple of photos but unfortunately (or as it turned out, probably fortunately) I don't have any images of its head. It was on a concrete farm track...
  4. Blue-tailed Skink

    Blue-tailed Skink

    This is my bluebird.
  5. Young Alligator

    Young Alligator

    This guy was catching some mild sun at Magnolia Plantation.
  6. Green Anole

    Green Anole

    Very common lizard here. He does change colors from Green to Brown depending on his environmental conditions. Common here in the Southeastern United States but not in the mountains.
  7. Diamondback terrapin

    Diamondback terrapin

  8. Cape Girdled Lizard

    Cape Girdled Lizard

  9. Eastern Box Turtle

    Eastern Box Turtle

    While at the reserve I happened to see this guy crossing the road. He let me get up close and personal with him.
  10. Green Lizard

    Green Lizard

    I walked up on this yesterday near my house in South Texas. He took the time out to pose.
  11. Common Lizard

    Common Lizard

    8 Common Lizards on a log
  12. Oblong Turtle (Long necked turtle)

    Oblong Turtle (Long necked turtle)

    This turtle was minding its own business but had obviously entered a nesting magpie's territory, as it was continually getting dive bombed. It didn't seem that bothered by the attention and calmly made its way to the water.
  13. Eastern Collared Lizards

    Eastern Collared Lizards

    Here's something a little different. The male and female eastern collared lizards pose next to a prickly pear blossom. This original watercolor measures 18" x 24". Enjoy.
  14. Carolina Anole

    Carolina Anole

    Anolis carolinensis Photographed near Timmonsville, SC, USA 10 July 2012
  15. Warning!


    I took this photo in Texas, before I began using a digital camera. I took it with slide film and scanned it into the computer. Though the image could be much sharper, particularly around the snake's head, I like the unique shapes and patterns formed by the snake's body and the gravel in the road.
  16. Florida Softshell Turtle

    Florida Softshell Turtle

    On May 21, 2011, as we were walking along a beach trail in Bay County, Florida, we were greeted by this Florida Softshell Turtle.
  17. Rock Monitor in a tree

    Rock Monitor in a tree

    Not the first place I would have chosen to look for a Rock Monitor!
  18. Oregon Alligator Lizard

    Oregon Alligator Lizard

    I'd never seen an "alligator lizard" until we moved into the ole singlewide a couple of years ago -- and I was raised in Sonoma County, Northern California almost all my life! They absolutely DO bear a resemblance to alligators. We usually have just one or two around the house --...
  19. Western Rattlesnake

    Western Rattlesnake

    I'm told this is a female... She was about 4 feet from my front door one morning. I think she had designs on the birds that were taking advantage of a little makeshift birdbath Hubby had put on the ground under the large oak tree in our front yard.
  20. Balkan Green Lizard

    Balkan Green Lizard

    Beautiful reptile! -------------------------------------------- http://www.pbase.com/02purser
  21. Lizard


    I know just about nothing about reptiles, so I have no idea what this little critter is. I came across him in September while looking for birds in South Carolina. He was only about 2 inches long at the most.
  22. Alligator


    This is the same Alligator that is in the photo with the Snowy Egret. If you look close, you can see a fish trying to get out of the way. The Egret was catching the fish as they tried to get out of the Gators way.
  23. Feeling a little crabby.

    Feeling a little crabby.

    This Gator put on one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen in nature. He was eating crabs and fish.
  24. Milksnake


  25. Southern Black Racer

    Southern Black Racer

    Spent the day with a friend looking for critters. This is one of the things we encountered.