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  1. N

    The Case of the Robins and a New Pool

    Hi all, I’m Nicole from just outside of Toronto, Canada. Spring has sprung here and with it has come the rerun of all the birds. It also comes with the excitement that we are getting a pool in a few weeks. I have three kids, 8, 9, 12. As we prepare for the construction of the pool the little...
  2. Robin


  3. American Robin

    American Robin

    Merle d'Amérique. I just looked at my posts in this gallery and found that I left out one of the most abondant birds around here. This singing male was taken last Sunday in an apple orchard.
  4. Robin


  5. Robin


  6. European Robin

    European Robin

  7. Procreus

    My First Ever Birding Day

    I went birding for the first time today at a local wildlife reserve, and I had a blast! I have only ever seen the birds near my house so it was really cool to see quite a few new ones. The entire area is massive and I barely explored a half mile from the car there were so many different birds...
  8. Indian Robin - male (Saxicoloides fulicatus).jpg

    Indian Robin - male (Saxicoloides fulicatus).jpg

    This bird is sitting on the branch of a tree.
  9. Winter song

    Winter song

    European Robin
  10. singingrobin-1.jpg


    Happy little Robin
  11. robin


    European Robin
  12. Robin


  13. Robin


  14. White-breasted Robin

    White-breasted Robin

    Another shot of this endemic, showing his eyes this time.
  15. Robin


    This Robin gave me joy, showing off colour, it posed perfectly!
  16. robin (portrait)

    robin (portrait)

    used the snow and bad weather for some portraits of the "common suspects" hope you like them
  17. Robin


    Thank you for the very kind comments on the portly (!!) pheasant. A robin for today.
  18. My feet are cold

    My feet are cold

    A Robin in a cold and snow covered garden
  19. Robin 3.jpg

    Robin 3.jpg

    It’s rude not too, when they hop in front of the lens.😊
  20. Getting a cool drink

    Getting a cool drink

    About 100 of these guys flew in today for a crab-apple feast and a drink.
  21. Crab-apples Galore!.jpg

    Crab-apples Galore!.jpg

  22. Posing Robin

    Posing Robin

    Couldn't resist this shot ... makes me laugh
  23. Lonely Robin

    Lonely Robin

    Looks like this little chap got kicked out the nest early, he's deep in thought
  24. Juvenile Robin

    Juvenile Robin

    Happy little sole in a world of his own ....
  25. Hovering Robin

    Hovering Robin

    This little Robin can hover like a drunken Hummingbird, loves the fatballs