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ruddy turnstone

  1. Ruddy turnstone

    Ruddy turnstone

    One of my highlights this year.
  2. ruddy turnstone

    ruddy turnstone

  3. Ruddy turnstone

    Ruddy turnstone

    A lovely surprise today.
  4. Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres morinella)
  5. Ruddy Turnstone, Borneo

    Ruddy Turnstone, Borneo

    Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres) 翻石鷸
  6. SF - C'mon guys!

    SF - C'mon guys!

    Gimme some help over here. I can't turn this one on me own. To be read with a scouse accent. From the Mersey estuary at low tide.
  7. ruddy turnstone

    ruddy turnstone

  8. Urban turnstone

    Urban turnstone

    One of the flock of ruddy turnstones who pretended they are pigeons near a seaside restaurant.
  9. Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone

    The wedge-shaped bill is used to lift up shoreline pebbles and debris where they forage on hidden invertebrates. This individual is in breeding (alternate) plumage. The back pattern lacking dark shaft streaks on the upper scapulars and the white nape suggest this is a male. Two races are...
  10. Ruddy turnstone

    Ruddy turnstone

    A flight of Ruddy Turnstones coming in for a landing to forage along the shoreline.
  11. Ruddy Turnstone.jpg

    Ruddy Turnstone.jpg

    Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres)
  12. Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone

    I believe that this is a Sandpiper but I could be wrong. Shot this at Jensen Beach today
  13. Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone

  14. ruddy turnstone

    ruddy turnstone

  15. 76- Arenaria interpres Turnstone-  10 août 2016.jpg

    76- Arenaria interpres Turnstone- 10 août 2016.jpg

    Tournepierre à collier - Arenaria interpres - Turnstone
  16. Shearwater / Turnstone

    Shearwater / Turnstone

    Feeding on anglers scraps
  17. Shearwater


    Feeding on scraps off anglers
  18. Turnstone


    working the wrack at the shoreline
  19. turnstones


    have no idea how i did it, but i am happy. hope you like it.
  20. Turnstone


  21. Ruddy Turnstone

    Ruddy Turnstone

  22. grey plover and ruddy turnstones

    grey plover and ruddy turnstones

  23. mixed wader group

    mixed wader group

    10 ruddy turnstones, 4 grey plovers and 3 dunlins
  24. Winter sojourning

    Winter sojourning

    Ruddy Turnstone is another long distance traveller breeding in northern Eurasia, Greenland, Canada and Alaska. Either wintering in South America or, as this subspecies (interpres) as far south as Africa and around the coasts of Australia. Aren't birds amazing.
  25. ruddy turnstone

    ruddy turnstone