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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Monochrome chestnut

    Monochrome chestnut

    We moved on to Lintrathen Loch and the star of the show for me there that day was a nice close Great Crested Grebe. I've seen them there many times (and at Loch of the Lowes too), but they always seemed to be right on the edge of too far for my previous cameras. This one came well within range...
  2. Oystercatcher by the sea.

    Oystercatcher by the sea.

    Oystercatcher on the rocks.
  3. You have to take your chances sometimes!

    You have to take your chances sometimes!

    Gosh, seems this is the first Eurasian Wren image I've managed to add to my Gallery taken at Mause. I've heard them a lot, seen them occasionally, but they rarely come into view long enough for a picture. I'm always on the lookout for one though. I noticed a bit of movement in some scrub...
  4. Like ships passing in the night

    Like ships passing in the night

    One of many pictures I've taken when a species shows itself in the image that I didn't know was there!! I was taking the Mute Swan in flight but on preparing the image for posting here I spotted the Grey Heron in the background - at least I presume it's a heron, I can't see much detail...
  5. The Vandals have arrived!

    The Vandals have arrived!

    The Starlings emptied their nests during the week, first I saw of young ones was on Monday! They all descend on my garden, where the adults bring them as it's obviously easy to feed them here after I've put some feed out in the morning. Now it seems that they are all feeding independently...
  6. Sepia


    There were a few Mute Swan about that afternoon; didn't see any pairs though, so presumably the females were on nests. I rather like the colours in this image.
  7. The Chase is On

    The Chase is On

    Looks like the male Tufted Ducks are all chasing after the same female!! Taken on a recent visit to Kinnordy at the end of April. Saturday Fun
  8. A Happy Couple

    A Happy Couple

    Towards the end of April, saw us back at Kinnordy. Rather dull light that day, but I thought it made a rather nice image with these Mallards.
  9. Missed


    While we were watching the pretty Wheatears on the dry stone dyke behind the car, suddenly a Eurasian Sparrowhawk swooped over the bonnet and headed for the dyke. Remember I mentioned a big black hole a couple of weeks ago, well he landed right there, and spread his wings for a moment cowling...
  10. Just landed

    Just landed

    We had a couple of Yellowhammers around that afternoon, this one landed just as I was looking for something else, right in line with my camera LOL
  11. Turbine and Kestrel

    Turbine and Kestrel

    This Kestrel seems to be either getting cooled off or is trying to create a breeze to make the turbine blades move LOL Sorry it's a bit oof, but that turbine is about a mile away, don't really know how far the Kes is. One thing I'd been looking forward to with this camera was trying to take...
  12. Spectator


    In the grass beside the track where the Skylark was enjoying his bath, was a Yellowhammer, I'm sure he was wondering what was going on. It had been a while since I'd seen them on the patch, so that day was sure turning into a red letter day LOL I've a feeling they may be recovering from the...
  13. Dust bathing Round 4

    Dust bathing Round 4

    No, you didn't miss rounds 2 and 3, I've omitted them!! The Skylark kept up his dust bathing for ages, gradually getting closer to us. It really was so entertaining to watch. This picture is towards the end of his last go at it. Saturday Fun
  14. Invasion


    I could have given you a picture of a single Northern Wheatear, but this was the first time I'd managed to find 4 together on my patch; think they'd just arrived. We were certainly being treated that day, what with yesterday's Skylark too. Remember that big black hole in the dyke (wall)... it...
  15. Bliss


    We had a wonderful session on my Up the Hill patch a couple of weeks ago. Not just one but two pairs of Wheatears were just arrived and this Eurasian Skylark spent ages enjoying a dust bath! I really liked this pose I captured. Saturday Fun Sorry to be so late with this, as I was half way...
  16. Arctic Skua near Fort George

    Arctic Skua near Fort George

    A pair of these birds were chasing and harassing the Sandwich terns for their catch
  17. Nuts are old hat!

    Nuts are old hat!

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker seems to prefer having fatballs on his diet today!! I think they must be nesting a bit away from the feeding station, as I've not seen either of them for a couple of weeks now. Unless, of course, they're coming when I'm not there.
  18. Hungry


    I don't often get pictures of Great Crested Grebe, at least not good ones, but this guy was a little closer than normal. He'd caught a huuuge fish and seemed to be having trouble swallowing it, but it disappeared eventually. Anyone able to ID it? Saturday Fun
  19. When something catches your eye ....

    When something catches your eye ....

    Marsh Harrier dropping into the reed beds
  20. Scozmos

    Dating Divers

    April 22nd 2024 I was lucky enough to encounter a pair of Black-throated Divers on Monday. Have a look at the link to view more images.
  21. Maybe the last.....

    Maybe the last.....

    ..... picture of one for a bit. Don't think I've seen a Long-tailed Tit up at Mause since this one (did at the other feeders the other day). Actually thinking a bit harder, that's not quite true... had a fleeting glimpse of one, but before my hand had even reached the camera he was gone. But he...
  22. CR9 with a catch

    CR9 with a catch

    I'd captured this bird spotting and diving ......... behind reed beds :( But, still got him passing by with the catch, I'd run out of window room, hence the low shot
  23. Shy


    What a thrill it was to see a Yellowhammer after such a long time; think it was way back in May last year since one had visited the Mause feeders. Didn't give much of a view though, did he LOL Saturday Fun
  24. Cormorant conundrum

    Cormorant conundrum

    Photographed today on Forfar Loch, Scotland, the middle bird is noticeably larger?
  25. View point

    View point

    Ken has an eye condition which makes it difficult to see some things. Anyway we were having our lunch up at my patch whe he said - "What's that... is it something?". I asked where he was looking. Don't know he said!! Very helpful. Anyway I gave him the camera to see if he could get a picture...