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  1. Old Ivory bill

    Old Ivory bill

    A very cold setting for this Common Pheasant, but I guess he's used to it LOL. Don't know why really, but I rather like this picture, taken at our Mause feeders.
  2. S'no Fun

    S'no Fun

    We had some snow in January, which froze and hung around for a bit. An immature Herring Gull landed on my neighbour's shed roof and decided to have a bit of fun. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting this to happen, just my first garden sighting of gulls for the year and wanted a picture to...
  3. Scozmos

    Crossbills in the Angus Glens.

    Well, there you go, I hadn't noticed this area before, glad I've found it now. I've been walking at the reservoir as often as possible and one of my goals has been to view and photograph the Crossbills up there, sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't :( but, I've been putting together a photo...
  4. There's something in the air

    There's something in the air

    Yesterday evening as the sun was going down and there was a bit of competition for the feeders
  5. Christmas present

    Christmas present

    Christmas eve found us back at the Mause feeders. Couldn't believe my eyes when this Eurasian Magpie called in for his dinner! It had been nearly a year since we'd caught sight of one there (back in February!). What a lovely Christmas present eh! They're still such a rarity here.
  6. When you can't understand the instructions

    When you can't understand the instructions

    Back in the autumn we went for a drive in the hills between Blairgowrie and Dunkeld. We stopped at a place where we'd seen Kites in the Spring. He thought he could see something in the trees way up on the hill. I couldn't work out where he meant. I said "do you mean in the birch trees or the...
  7. Rather monotone

    Rather monotone

    The colour of the water didn't really strike me at the time, I just thought it was nice looking at the two Mallard swimming across the loch. End of November did seem rather early to be pairing up though LOL
  8. Brambling male posing for the camera.jpg

    Brambling male posing for the camera.jpg

    A pair (or three) Brambling showed up in the garden for a couple of days with a flock of Chaffinch
  9. It went

    It went

    Just as I clicked off went the Collared Dove (my first of the year too!). However, what I was left with was a picture of frozen moss on my neighbour's roof. It was actually the first heavy frost of the year as well! I was rather taken with it, so thought you might like to see it too.
  10. Reducing


    The December visits to the Craighall feeders had been showing fewer and fewer Long-tailed Tits at the feeders until the last few have produced none at all.... surely it's a bit early for them to have paired up and started their breeding season?
  11. Clods of earth

    Clods of earth

    My friend and I set off last Sunday, a bit unsure where to go, but first of all we went to investigate the flooded areas between Alyth and Meigle, from which I picked up a few year ticks. Then we went on a drive round the hills towards Kinnordy. On route we stopped to scan around some stubble...
  12. New drinker

    New drinker

    Down the road at the Craighall feeders; when we have an empty coconut, we put it atop the gate post (it has a bit of a hole at the top where the wood has rotted) and put some water in it (if I've got some in the car). Otherwise it might be some seeds. It wasn't there for long when a Coal Tit...
  13. Is he back???

    Is he back???

    I showed you a Red Squirrel some months back, which was the last time we saw him in July. Then when we visited on the 24 November, there was one stuffing his face with peanuts. Oh how excited we were to see one back. Sadly we've not seen him since. So not a Saturday Fun one today. I thought...
  14. Not so big, big boy

    Not so big, big boy

    They really can look large at times can't they. Great Tit are reliable regulars at the feeding station up at Mause (and the other one too, lower down), unlike at home where they've always been very occasional, though becoming a little more regular now, though very far from daily.
  15. Upside-down Living

    Upside-down Living

    Much to my delight a Eurasian Treecreeper has become a fairly regular visitor to the Mause feeders. For so many years I'd been unable to get even a half-decent picture of one. Now I seem to be doing a little better with this P900. They must have a strong grip to defy gravity in this way LOL...
  16. Hmmm ... turns his back on a apple!

    Hmmm ... turns his back on a apple!

    For some reason I thought today was Wednesday! Where that came from I don't know LOL. That would be why there's no SF picture this week - sorry. Today I've a Dunnock for you. It always makes my day to see one around and this one appeared on the shed roof in the garden. TTTW
  17. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Chaffinch December 2023 A happy Chaffinch from my Mause feeders greets you this year. I hope you all enjoy the holiday.
  18. Isn't it nice....

    Isn't it nice....

    .... when a Great Spotted Woodpecker gives you such a clear view of the nape so you can definitely ID it. So many of my pictures I end up searching through, blowing them up, getting the magnifying glass out, just to check whether I can see the teeniest weeniest bit of red!!! One of the pair...
  19. Sometimes it's just not fair

    Sometimes it's just not fair

    It was pouring with rain when we got to the Mause Feeders. There were some birds around stuffing their faces. We struggled on filling the feeders right to the top, getting wetter and wetter, thinking of hot coffee in the car. Eventually we were done. Sat in the car, window open, camera ready...
  20. The favourites with friends

    The favourites with friends

    Everybody loves Long-tailed Tits, so I can't resist photographing them when I catch them at the feeders. Just in case you're not sure, there's 4 and a bit of them, along with a Coal Tit and a Great Tit. Strangely we've not had them back at the Mause feeders up the hill this winter yet, even...
  21. Balance beam

    Balance beam

    This Common Pheasant seems to be getting quite brave now - I've not seen him on the top rail before, the lower one once, but he usually reaches up to it to grab any spilt seed. Really not sure how he manages to keep his balance up there LOL. Back home now, hopefully the end of hospital visits...
  22. A woodie treat

    A woodie treat

    It's not often I get two Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the picture, I think the female is a bit of a bully and he disappears as soon as he thinks she's around. If he doesn't get the message straight off she's at him and there's a bit of a chase round the trees!! They were a bit more comfortable...
  23. Cock Fighting

    Cock Fighting

    One of our Sunday day's out we decided on Balintore Glen. A little over half way along, we'd stopped to watch a load of Red Kite flying around, when suddenly Ken spotted these two cock Pheasants. The were putting up quite a fight!! Got a great view of one of them and what it looks like under...
  24. Coalie


    How strange.... I did a look back through my Gallery and I don't seem to have shown you a picture of a Coal Tit yet from the Mause Feeders. So not before time I give you this... how could I have over-looked them for so long - those feeders have now been up a year!!
  25. My tree

    My tree

    I spotted this picture on a scroll through some images last night and it so reminded me of the Sycamore Gap Tree beside Hadrian's Wall, which was vandalised by being completely chopped down one night in September. Such a shame for this iconic place. The National Trust are trying to decide what...