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siberian stonechat

  1. Pure Being ...

    Pure Being ...

    Life : Joy of Being ... _____ The moment I saw this ... Soon I knew Joy of Pure Being ... ________________ Siberian Stonechat Saxicola maurus Dist Gurgaon Haryana India 24 Nov 2017
  2. Siberian stonechat

    Siberian stonechat

    This fella was really patient with me.
  3. Common Stonechat - male (Saxicola maurus)1.jpg

    Common Stonechat - male (Saxicola maurus)1.jpg

    The bird is sitting near water point for bathing in a hot summer.
  4. Stonechat


    most probably the Siberian one. hope you like it.
  5. Life : Lullaby

    Life : Lullaby

    As ... I wrap-up my 65 ... today ... I'm intoxicated with an unending lullaby ... Here's my gift to the friends here ... _______ Life : Lullaby _______________ I hear YOU Calling Me ... From Somewhere ... Deep within And across ... Vast azure ... As well In Tender warmth Of winter...
  6. Siberian Stonechat Female

    Siberian Stonechat Female

  7. Siberian Stonechat Female

    Siberian Stonechat Female

  8. Siberian Stonechat Male  playing Peek a Boo

    Siberian Stonechat Male playing Peek a Boo

  9. Siberian Stonechat Female

    Siberian Stonechat Female

    Seen quite a few of these as they Winter in the area
  10. Siberian stonechat

    Siberian stonechat

    from the swamps before one week. hope you like it. thanks everyone.
  11. let me garb your soul away

    let me garb your soul away

    it me Cathy, well i mean Stony. have no idea how i took it. hope you like it.
  12. my friend the wind

    my friend the wind

    late in the afternoon coming out of a very long day at work, found one so i decided to take a few shots but it was very nervous, then i spotted this one which was ready to pose. such a lovely little one. most of my local birding club saw others, it seems many were passing by the city in the...
  13. Siberian Stonechat, Male

    Siberian Stonechat, Male

    Very nimble, sat there just long enough for this shot. With winter almost done, they will soon return to wherever they came from. A full framer.
  14. head or tail, SF

    head or tail, SF

    hope you like it. thanks for viewing.
  15. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    I think it is one at least. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  16. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    This female Siberian Stonechat is one of our early winter visitors this particularly warm year
  17. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

  18. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    Another shot of the Siberian Stonechat.
  19. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    Have not seen this one here before. The experts in BF bird id section opine that this is a Siberian Stonechat. I believe it is very rare to find them in these parts. Migratory perhaps. Obviously, a first for me.
  20. February Stone

    February Stone

    Hope you like it. thanks for viewing.
  21. the Caspian

    the Caspian

    either a female or a 1st winter male. very rare we get the European ones here. went the next day to the same region where i got the pipit, and WOW WOW found this , a Northern wheatear, a yellow wagtail 30 blue checked bee eaters, along with the residents. not much time to spend, i got this at...
  22. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    Cracking bird I was lucky he had been showing well but distant, but he flew and perched up right in front of the hide lucky for me.
  23. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    Well worth the long walk to get this little fella, he did not see the tasty snack on reed behind him
  24. Stony


    my internet is so bad, i could not upload what i want since Monday, and i am too busy to fight with the company. work is also very hard these days, but i have an hour free form 9-10 am, only today i was able to go out and i got this beauty. got many shots, this is not the typical so i hope...
  25. Siberian Stonechat

    Siberian Stonechat

    Very common migrant seen in western India in winter.