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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

sitta europaea

  1. European Nuthatch

    European Nuthatch

  2. Eurasian Nuthatch

    Eurasian Nuthatch

    Taken at my brother's place, on a rare excursion from my care home. His garden is all about wildlife, and I grabbed this shot of a Nuthatch with a pine kernel. Despite having been a birder since 1979, somehow it's the first time I've photographed the species, so never mind the quality (taken at...
  3. Nuthatch


    Very loud nuthatch!
  4. Nuthatch


    This is my best picture of a nuthatch! It took me a very long time to see one - and even then I only really get brief glimpses of them, so I was very happy with this picture!
  5. Eurasian nuthatch

    Eurasian nuthatch

  6. The fierce look

    The fierce look

    A Nuthatch giving his best "go away" look LOL. It's still such a treat for me to see these guys at the feeding station just about every time we go there.
  7. If the squirrels don't want these ...

    If the squirrels don't want these ...

    then I'll take 'em. There had been an article in the local paper about a guy who was staging the cutest ever squirrel shots by setting out toys with nuts in them. He had shots of squirrels seeming to push little shopping carts or drive dumpster trucks etc. filled with nuts. So I thought I'd give...
  8. Who needs a perch anyway?

    Who needs a perch anyway?

    An autumn visit to the Craighall feeding station and our local rarity, Eurasian Nuthatch, came in. We always hope to see one there. I didn't notice before but the perch had slipped right through so was only usable on the right. Nuthatches don't bother with it anyway, do they? Saturday Fun
  9. Nuthatch


    My last bird and last bird picture last year. 🤣
  10. Happy Christmas everyone

    Happy Christmas everyone

    I hope you're enjoying the day. After not having seen one before the image I showed you last Hogmanay the Eurasian Nuthatch has become a pretty regular visitor, though hardly saw them during the breeding season. Here he was back again in September.
  11. Nuthatch


    in classic pose.
  12. Nuthatch


    Another icy cold morning/day. Currently minus 10,1C.
  13. Nuthatch


  14. Woops


    Caught this nuthatch somewhat by surprise. Can't have been the camera clicking that made him drop the peanut - the Z6ii is mirrorless and (nearly) silent.
  15. Nuthatch


  16. Common garden varieties 4 - Harrumph!

    Common garden varieties 4 - Harrumph!

    From this angle, he looks grumpy, the base of his bill forming a pouting frown. "I'm not common! Not in your garden, at any rate! Don't you dare call me common!"
  17. Nuthatch


    There's a small playground and picnic spot halfway up the trail to Estenstad Café in the hills east of town. A couple of years ago someone hung up this hollow log feeder there and now loads of hikers keep it filled, making it a great place to bird- and squirrelwatch while catching ones breath...
  18. Nuthatch


  19. Eurasian nuthatch

    Eurasian nuthatch

  20. Nuthatch


    Nuthatch looking upwards perching on a broken branch
  21. Nuthatch


  22. Nuthatch


  23. Nuthatch


  24. Nuthatch


  25. Hogmanay Present

    Hogmanay Present

    At long, long last... the last day of 2021 and the Nuthatch finally decided to show itself for me (although he doesn't appear to be that pleased with being caught on camera. I knew there was one around but had never been able to see it. Then I heard it was visiting the new feeding station at...