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  1. Corn snake huddled up in a tree

    Corn snake huddled up in a tree

    On a cooler day, this corn snake was coiled up on a tree about six feet off the ground, trying to catch a little sun to warm up...making it about eye-level with me
  2. Head-on Snake Encounter

    Head-on Snake Encounter

    A juvenile Florida banded water snake working its way through the grass along the side of the levee I was walking on - I got down low and waited for it to pop out of the dead grass - it stopped and pulled up when it noticed me and my lens pointing back at it
  3. Brown water snake

    Brown water snake

    On a cooler than normal day for south Florida, this brown water snake had coiled itself up about 5 feet above the water, on the fan of a palm, to try to catch a little sun - unfortunately the day was overcast, so it wasn't getting as much as it would hope for.
  4. Androsnick

    Large snake ID from China

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help ID this large snake from China. It was seen on the island of Chongming which is just off Shanghai. I've attached a couple of photos but unfortunately (or as it turned out, probably fortunately) I don't have any images of its head. It was on a concrete farm track...
  5. Snake


    While stood on a road looking over a Marsh this Snake came and and spotted us.It came out the grass stopped took a look and then turned and went back a great sight not something you get in OK.
  6. Eastern Garter Snake

    Eastern Garter Snake

    Eastern Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis) 44-66 cm (17.3-26.0 in) long with a record of 124 cm (48.8 in) long. Carleen Bright Arboretum, Waywood, McLennan County, Texas, USA. Rolling hills with planted trees, shrubs, and herbs at 167 m (548 ft) elevation. March 2019
  7. Diamondback Water Snake

    Diamondback Water Snake

    Diamondback Water Snake (Nerodia rhombifer subsp. rhombifer) 76-122 cm (30-48 in) with a record of 160.0 cm (63 in). This snake has recently had a fairly large meal.
  8. Eastern Hognose Snake

    Eastern Hognose Snake

    Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platyrhinos: Colubridae) Head flared, mildly venomous. 51-84 cm (20.1-33.1 in) with a record of 115.6 cm (45.5 in) long.
  9. SF: Leaf Snake

    SF: Leaf Snake

    Leaf Snake or maybe a Leaf Dragon depending on where your mind goes with it (lol). Shingle leaves climbing a tree to find sunlight.
  10. Rat Snake

    Rat Snake

  11. Rat Snake

    Rat Snake

  12. Short-toed Snake Eagle

    Short-toed Snake Eagle

  13. Battle of the Grey Heron and the snake

    Battle of the Grey Heron and the snake

    I was really lucky to see the Grey Heron hunting. When he caught this small snake the prey fought back - but in the end the heron finished the job.
  14. Rat Snake

    Rat Snake

  15. Rat Snake

    Rat Snake

  16. Heading your way

    Heading your way

    This snake was discovered right next to the accommodation block one morning. Jonas did catch it with a view to taking it to the field station which at the time was inhabited by a bunch of biology students from the States on a field trip. There was some question whether this was a venomous snake...
  17. who knows this snake?

    who knows this snake?

    I photographed this beautyful snake at the Napo River in Equador years ago. the guides there had not seen here before, except one, and he did not know the name either. so far could not find her in the internet - around one and a half meter long - some help?
  18. Fea's viper

    Fea's viper

    This species is the most primitive viperids species. Its primitive features include the large shields on its head (rather than the many small scales on the heads of other vipers and pit-vipers), smooth dorsal scales, and the egg-laying breeding method. It can be only found in the high altitude...
  19. They're back

    They're back

    One of only a very few that came back to the same site. The numbers much lower this year. These Yellow Banded Garter Snakes are a dependable spring event even though the numbers will vary greatly.
  20. Yellow Banded Garter Snakes-3

    Yellow Banded Garter Snakes-3

    Spring mating, isn't it lovely?
  21. Yellow banded Garter Snakes-2

    Yellow banded Garter Snakes-2

    This is what I call curiosity!
  22. Peters' odd-scaled snake

    Peters' odd-scaled snake

    A ground-dwelling small snake species with iridescent scales around its body.
  23. Rat Snake swimming

    Rat Snake swimming

  24. Rat Snake

    Rat Snake

  25. King Ratsnake

    King Ratsnake

    As I was not familiar with snakes, I didn't come close to examine it when I spotted a snake curl on one side of the trail. When I processed the photos in my computer, I just managed to find that there were 2 snakes instead.