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  1. Adder


    I have wanted to see a native snake for a long time, and today not only have I seen one, but have managed to photograph one.
  2. Cold Snake

    Cold Snake

    I found this grass snake in an icy river in cornwall. I decided as it was getting colder that I would move him to the warmer riverbank. On later inspection he was sliding into a hole.
  3. Snaking around

    Snaking around

    Snouted Cobra - it was pretty big!
  4. come closer...

    come closer...

    Shot in Honduras, used my internal flash to trip a bigger strobe.
  5. Ottoman Viper

    Ottoman Viper

    Taken just after this little beauty bit my thumb and landed me in Hospital for 3 days.
  6. Same Robin, Same Snake

    Same Robin, Same Snake

    In this picture he's got more of the snake showing. I think it is a Brown Snake, which would be about right for the size and coloration.
  7. Cottonmouth Mocassin, Agkistrodon piscivorus

    Cottonmouth Mocassin, Agkistrodon piscivorus

    The snakes have been inactive through winter in this part of Florida, now they're coming out. This Cottonmouth is dull because the skin is loosening prior to a molt. The eyes are covered by a loosening scale so vision is blurred, but the snake can still strike accurately using the heat sensing...
  8. Keelback at the dam

    Keelback at the dam

    I got quite a fright when i realised that the stick i'd nearly trodden on was actually a 'Swamp tiger snake" Keelback! It is the first time i'd ever seen one...just lucky i had m'camera!
  9. Small Snake in Klamath Falls OR

    Small Snake in Klamath Falls OR

    I saw this snake on a trail near Klamath Falls, OR and at first it looked like a large earthworm. Any idea what kind of snake it is?
  10. Bull Snake

    Bull Snake

    Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
  11. Milksnake


  12. Southern Black Racer

    Southern Black Racer

    Spent the day with a friend looking for critters. This is one of the things we encountered.
  13. Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake Back on the Beach

    Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake Back on the Beach

    Diamond back rattlesnake on the beach Honeymoon Island Florida
  14. Black Racer

    Black Racer

  15. Northern Copperhead

    Northern Copperhead

    A day of field herping in Brown County Indiana uncovered 4 Northern Copperheads lying along side of a downed tree, under some leaf litter. Here is a photo of one of the 4 I found that day.
  16. Snake out of the grass

    Snake out of the grass

    When I reached my usual spot for bird watching, I noticed some movement in the water. I took a quick picture but I don't know what kind of snake it is.
  17. What kind of snakes are these?

    What kind of snakes are these?

    I think these might be Plain Bellied Water Snakes but I am not sure. I disrupted a love making session here. They were not happy, and struck at me several times. I had alreadfy messed them up so I thought I would get a couple photos. Anyone know for sure what kind they are?
  18. Caught by a snake!

    Caught by a snake!

    Last April, I was leading a group in Amazonia. We saw a Black Nunbird caught by a snake... All the photos from the catching untill the snake swallowed the bird are here: http://www.valeryschollaert.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=815&Itemid=370
  19. Be careful...

    Be careful...

  20. Snake


    Hi folks, I am a bird guy, but every once in a while i come across other critters so i thought i would share one here. I think this is a water moccasin but I am not sure. He was laying beside a lake where i was birding this morning.
  21. Forked tongue

    Forked tongue

    My birding partner Tom spotted a pair of snakes fall from a low branch of a tree into a drainage culvert. We ran to see them and I got this interesting shot of the tongue colors. Not sure what type of snake it is, but it's not one of the poisonous "Habu" that Okinawa seems to be...
  22. Adder


    I found two Adder's last year just a few weeks apart and both at the same location....how's that for luck. The first one found I thought was dead but soon realised it was 'warming up' in the sun from it's hibernation, it never moved all the time I was with it. The second one I found was...
  23. Brown Snake-Eagle

    Brown Snake-Eagle

    Spotted this Brown Snake-Eagle late one afternoon perched on the top of a tree undoubtedly on the lookout for a meal, unfortunately one wasn't forthcoming while we were watching.
  24. Northern Water Snake

    Northern Water Snake

    Paying close attention to my kayak as I paddled by!
  25. File snake tussle

    File snake tussle

    Yellow Waters at Cooinda in Kakadu NP. Jabiru (Black-necked stork or Policemanbird) is manouvering the file snake into the right position for a quick swallow, Whistling kite tries to get in on the action. Jabiru uses display of much bigger wingspan to carry the day.