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south africa

  1. Great Shearwater

    Great Shearwater

    They're common during spring and summer off the Western coast of South Africa.
  2. Lemon Dove

    Lemon Dove

    These forest doves are usually very shy, but I was amazed to find them so tame in Kirstenbosch.
  3. Karoo Lark

    Karoo Lark

    Endemic to the Western Cape.
  4. Southern Boubou

    Southern Boubou

    I was finally able to get a good picture of this shy bird after waiting patiently on a garden bench for a solid hour during my South Africa trip.
  5. Cape Cormorant

    Cape Cormorant

    They are definitely the most beautiful cormorant species in Africa! Look at those amazing eyes!!
  6. Cape Sugarbird

    Cape Sugarbird

    These iconic birds are quite common in the Fynbos, and their calls are unmistakable.
  7. Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross

    Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross

    They are the smallest albatross in the world, but size doesn't matter when it comes to food! This species is listed as Endangered on the basis of an estimated very rapid ongoing decline over three generations
  8. Cape Bunting

    Cape Bunting

    They're cute little song birds, found across much of Southern Africa.
  9. Bank Cormorant

    Bank Cormorant

    These matt black cormorants are endemic to the western shores of Southern Africa
  10. Southern Double-collared Sunbird

    Southern Double-collared Sunbird

    Commonly found throughout much of South Africa. 3 more days to the weekend! How is everyone holding up?
  11. Pied Avocet

    Pied Avocet

    These waders are one of my favourite. I love the up-curved shape of their bills. Happy Monday folks! Only 5 more days to the weekend!!!
  12. Crowned Lapwing chick.jpg

    Crowned Lapwing chick.jpg

    Amazing camouflage of the Crowned Lapwing chick
  13. Green Wood-Hoopoe

    Green Wood-Hoopoe

    Green Wood-Hoopoe
  14. Verreaux's eagle-owl

    Verreaux's eagle-owl

    Having a feed as the sun was setting.
  15. Hadida Ibis

    Hadida Ibis

    Yes, I know many people find these birds annoying and noisy , but I love them! They bring back many memories of my 3 years in Swaziland as a child, especially their call. They are also quite lovely to look at.
  16. Brimstone Canary

    Brimstone Canary

    Brimstone Canary feeding on a beautiful Protea flower
  17. Sentinel Rock Thrush

    Sentinel Rock Thrush

  18. Lesser Striped Swallow 'unitatis'

    Lesser Striped Swallow 'unitatis'

    I believe I have correctly identified this South African swallow
  19. Female Saddle-billed Stork

    Female Saddle-billed Stork

    Really photogenic birds! Female has yellow eyes, male has brown eyes
  20. Square-tailed Nightjar

    Square-tailed Nightjar

    Saw this on an evening drive in central Kruger NP. Stand to be corrected on the id.
  21. African Fish Eagle - The sound of Africa!

    African Fish Eagle - The sound of Africa!

    Taken just after sunrise, hence the warm colour.
  22. Kori Bustard

    Kori Bustard

  23. Cape Longclaw

    Cape Longclaw

    I had to get right down into the grass for this fellow
  24. The iconic Lilac-breasted Roller

    The iconic Lilac-breasted Roller

  25. Misty Sunrise with elephant

    Misty Sunrise with elephant

    Sunrise, with mist in Kruger