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south africa

  1. L

    A few unknown birds from South Africa

    Here a few unknown birds from a recent trip in November 2022 to South Africa Photo 1 and 2 is from Kruger Park of a firefinch. It went very fast before it disappeared, but dark bill makes it either African or Jameson's firefinch. Can't really figure out if I can use the tail pattern or mantle...
  2. L

    Peregrine or Lanner Falcon from Eastern Cape, South Africa?

    An 1cy falcon from Mataiele, Eastern Cape, South Africa the 30th of November 2022. I defaulted the falcon as a Lanner, but after getting home and realizing some ssp. calidius are making it that far south, I'm now doubting this falcon. See this link for id tip: Juveniles: Peregrine Calidus vs...
  3. L

    Tractrac or Karoo Chat, South Africa

    I'm in doubt about the identification of this chat seen in early December on road R355, breede river dc. I identified it as tractrac because of the brownish look. But on the photo I can't really get a feeling of the tail/rump or primary projection, is it possible to be sure about the...
  4. L

    2 eagles from Kruger Park South Africa

    2 eagles from Kruger National Park end November 2022 I'm in doubt with. The first one being a young martial perhaps. Long tailed pale eagle with darkish flight feathers. It just seems a bit off, but since Crowned is the only other option for being a bit similar, it's making me a bit confused...
  5. L

    Steppe vs Tawny Eagle from South Africa

    Hi, An adult Steppe/Tawny Eagle type from Kruger park, South Africa in end November. Gape, bill shape, eye color, tail barring just of out reach to get a perfect feeling about it. P and S seems lighter than what I would expect being on an adult Steppe, and the light brownish tinged body and...
  6. L

    Buzzard from Cape Town

    HI, Any thoughts on this adult buzzard from Simon's Town, South Africa on the 4th of December. Bird seen after sunset gliding high on the sky, resulting in poor views and even worse photos. Now after arriving at home and starting looking through photos I bumped into this guy again. I remember I...
  7. J

    Elusive bird

    Hi all, Does anyone know the name of this bird. It has been an elusive one to capture on camera, but I finally got it. It was way too fast. South Africa, GP.
  8. J

    Cape Town South Africa 15-30 September 2022

    Hi all, we are planning a tour to Cape Town in the second half of September. We have already been to NE S.A. so the plan is to look for the Cape Endemic birds, Pelagics, White Shark encounter, ... The tour will be fully guided with a local guide. As we still not have decided the guide, if...
  9. Black Sparrowhawk

    Black Sparrowhawk

    Subadult ruffling its feathers.
  10. White-chinned Petrel

    White-chinned Petrel

  11. Red-eyed Dove.jpg

    Red-eyed Dove.jpg

    Backlit late afternoon scene in my garden.
  12. Brown-hooded Kingfisher

    Brown-hooded Kingfisher

    Brown-hooded Kingfisher A1C3F6C9-1858-4339-88C8-4101EAA62F9E.jpeg
  13. Pin-tailed Whydah

    Pin-tailed Whydah

    Pin-tailed Whydah AE10CDB1-3BC1-415D-AEB4-D9AF782C9135.jpeg
  14. White-throated Swallows

    White-throated Swallows

    White-throated Swallows F0248475-EFC8-4322-A4DA-F0CB00572AED.jpeg
  15. 11CBAC6B-5331-455F-B9F2-4499D1458CC1.jpeg


    Cape Batis
  16. D967E020-CF88-446C-9B19-7B0DD8530150.jpeg


    Cape Bulbul
  17. 4F492E0E-4499-4C19-81CF-B80089C831ED.jpeg


    Orange-breasted Sunbird
  18. little grebe

    little grebe

    a truly little one ...
  19. Cape Shoveler

    Cape Shoveler

    A male Cape Shoveler. I find the bills of these ducks very interesting, they're definitely one of my favourite ducks. An interesting scientific name too!
  20. Cape Batis

    Cape Batis

    Such a cute little bird, I love their orange eyes.
  21. Great Shearwater

    Great Shearwater

    They're common during spring and summer off the Western coast of South Africa.
  22. Lemon Dove

    Lemon Dove

    These forest doves are usually very shy, but I was amazed to find them so tame in Kirstenbosch.
  23. Karoo Lark

    Karoo Lark

    Endemic to the Western Cape.
  24. Southern Boubou

    Southern Boubou

    I was finally able to get a good picture of this shy bird after waiting patiently on a garden bench for a solid hour during my South Africa trip.
  25. Cape Cormorant

    Cape Cormorant

    They are definitely the most beautiful cormorant species in Africa! Look at those amazing eyes!!