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  1. Sparrowhawk with prey

    Sparrowhawk with prey

    Another that I should have uploaded weeks ago. A follow-on from yesterdays pic; the Starling lost the fight, and is now dead. I should get some new pics soon, as long as the Sparrowhawks stop using me as a distraction to the other birds. There's now regular attacks each time I go into the...
  2. Sparrowhawk and prey (maybe a bit "raw")

    Sparrowhawk and prey (maybe a bit "raw")

    One of the many pics I've got to upload from months ago. Due to the good light lately, I've taken loads of pics, so I've got behind with the ones I meant to upload. Still, it'll be Winter soon, so I'll catch up eventually|=)| Through the window, and only 1/40th second, so some blur; taken...
  3. Sparrowhawk with prey (from 10 minutes ago)

    Sparrowhawk with prey (from 10 minutes ago)

    I thought I'd upload this, seeing as I'm not sure when I'll be back (as explained in my last post). As I said, I'm being besieged by Sparrowhawks lately, and most are juveniles. A juvenile male (maybe this one) has been swooping into the tree every evening while I'm clearing up the garden. This...
  4. Half a Sparrowhawk with prey

    Half a Sparrowhawk with prey

    I was going to wait until I get better pics of these, but that could take weeks. This is the small juve male that showed up a few days ago. Only one successful kill so far, but he's swooping into the garden everyday. A juve female (or big juve male, not got a good enough look yet) has tried for...
  5. Just to show what's in the tree each morning

    Just to show what's in the tree each morning

    Not a good pic, ISO800 and only 1/30th second shutter, but I wanted to show what's in the tree each morning. I'm actually not sure if this is the same bird as recently, as it's smaller. Also, the amount of brown in the plumage, and in the barring, means it could be an early juvenile. I'll need...
  6. Sparrowhawk,


    The first of the two visits by my fave bird while with Tom at Whiteache Heath.
  7. Sparrowhawk (cloned out the prey)

    Sparrowhawk (cloned out the prey)

    One from last month, not seen any kills for over a week, so I've not uploaded any of these for a while. I've cloned out most of the prey, as it was a bit gory. Through the windows as usual. Camera Maker: Panasonic Camera Model: DMC-FZ28 Image Date: 2011-03-15 10:59:18 (no TZ) Focal Length...
  8. Moment of impact

    Moment of impact

    It missed the bird never caught one yet in the garden
  9. Sparrowhawk


  10. Sparrowhawk


  11. Sparrowhawk


  12. Sparrowhawk (cloned out Prey)

    Sparrowhawk (cloned out Prey)

    Another pic of the 2nd year male from a few weeks ago. As many don't like seeing the prey, I've cloned it out. I don't usually do this, as I prefer to show Nature for what it is. But the Sparrowhawks hardly ever pose for pictures unless they are killing/eating, and I can't convince them to eat...
  13. Sparrowhawk


    Perched Sparrowhawk
  14. Sparrowhawk


    The Sparrowhawk in our local woods waiting in anticipation!
  15. Sparrowhawk


    Photographed this guy after he did a fly past into some trees and on his way out he landed on this rock before taking off again instantly.
  16. Sparrowhawk


    A portrait of, looking around for the scattered birds that were feeding before he dropped in.
  17. Sparrowhawk vs Lapwing

    Sparrowhawk vs Lapwing

    Alarm calls from the lapwings were just too late. The sparrowhawk struck and proceeded to drown its prey.
  18. Sparrowhawk with prey (Also not 'nice')

    Sparrowhawk with prey (Also not 'nice')

    I've better pics to upload, but this should have been the first one I uploaded, as it was taken 6 minutes before the other. Don't read on if you're squeamish, as you might find one thing that I'll describe a bit upsetting. Although I guess it depends on how good a storyteller I am.|=)| This...
  19. Sparrowhawk with prey (not 'nice')

    Sparrowhawk with prey (not 'nice')

    I didn't expect this today. The Drains are still being "fixed", very noisy with all the machinery, and I don't see Sparrowhawks much during the breeding season. This young male took a Starling just now; it was a very active and noisy kill, quite distressing if I'm honest. But the...
  20. Sparrowhawk


    Unusual view of Fridays sparrowhawk
  21. Sparrowhawk


    Ever Closer!!!!!!!
  22. Sparrowhawk


    This bird landed very close to my Hide To-day, A different bird from the one earlier in the week both arrived together yesterday sparks flew unfortunately I was in the House at the Time with the Camera attached to the Computer!
  23. Sprawk


    A fuller shot of this fab hunter.
  24. Sparrowhawk


    Another day where you wish the light was a tad better especially when you get the chance to catch a Sparrowhawk mid pass. This shot was taken looking down on the bird and the background is water and not sky as it passed over the area in front of the Island Mere hide
  25. Sparrowhawk