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spotting scope

  1. T

    20-60x60 Bresser spotting scope?

    Any thoughts on this spotting scope. Is it good for beginners? Thank you
  2. Will K

    Magnification Extension - Scoping through Binoculars?

    Hi all, To fill an idle moment, I tried looking through my spotting scope using a pair of binoculars as a makeshift magnification extender. I ended up with some very intriguing results. All the following images were captured on an iPhone through a Vortex Razor 85mm, at a distance of about 10m...
  3. J


    Hello, although I’ve been attracted to watching birds and nature for years, I only took the time to get my binoculars and enjoy those creatures a few times, but I’ve been watching many videos of birdwatchers to my delight. But over the last few months I started to look into spotting scopes with...
  4. T

    Vortex Razor HD Gen 1 20-60x85 vs Athlon Ares G2 20-60x85

    Hello, I am admittedly not much of a bird watcher, but am looking for a spotting scope for an upcoming deer hunt out west. I did not get much of a response yet on the hunting forum I posted to. Both of these spotters seem to be similar in price and in my price range. It is hard to find...
  5. G

    Computerized Spotting Scopes?

    I'm in the market for a computerized/remote controlled spotting scope, but for all my Googling and Amazoning, I've come up dry. Seems there's no shortage of computerized telescopes, but I have yet to find a single digital spotting scope. Specifically, I mean a scope whose zoom, focus, and...
  6. V

    Digiscoping Adapter for the Vortex Viper HD spotting scope and my Olympus OM-D E-M5?

    Hello guys, I'm about to buy my first spotting scope for wildlife watching and I want to try out digiscoping with it. I'm just very unsure about which adapter to use, or which ones even fit (the ones recommended on the site for the spotting scope are for Nikon and Canon only). Do you have any...
  7. N

    Which is a better deal for $600

    Greetings from WA State, USA. I have a chance to buy one or the other paces of hardware for bird watching. Both feel like very decent deals. I'm not sure which might be most benfitical for viewing birds, any pros, cons or trade offs. I've been hoping to view birds at a distance. I've been...
  8. C

    Hello from Australia. Looking into digiscoping.

    Hi all, I love the birds here in Melbourne and have enjoyed some birding trips using others’ spotting scopes. I’m looking into purchase a scope and mount to use with a mobile phone. I’ll have a browse around the forum but would love to be pointed in the right direction. Cheers!
  9. F

    Light, straight, and wide angle spotting scope

    Hello, I am looking for a light (~1kg), straight, and wide angle spotting scope. The Kowa 554 fails the wide angle, otherwise I would consider it. The closest thing to what I am looking for is a Optolyth Mini BGA/WW 25x70mm, but the optical quality (lack of ED glass), and the low light...
  10. B

    Adapter type sought - CANNOT fit to eye piece?

    A long time ago, I bought a digiscope adapter, of this style: Last week, I bought this Mirador spotting scope; https://www.birdforum.net/threads/mirador-22-47-x-75mm-spotting-scope-balance.407341/ Sadly, my digiscope adapter is designed to clamp onto a large eyepiece, either with a separate...
  11. B

    Mirador 22-47 x 75mm spotting scope, balance?

    I just bought a cheap, old-ish cope from eBay, per thread title. (Slightly discoloured rubber sleeve at the objective end) Mounting on my heaviest photographic tripod (Manfrotto #144, #168 ballhead), the views into my garden are bright and sharp - I am well pleased. However, the tripod mount...
  12. P

    Celestron, Hawke, Pentax or Vortex? Please help :)

    Good afternoon! I enjoy causal birding but have never owned a spotting scope. I have been reading online and narrowed my search to the below 4 scopes: Celestron Regal M2 100 ED Hawke Endurance 25-75x85 ED Pentax PF 80 ED Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85 Ideally I would visit an optics store and try...
  13. L

    New guy looking for a scope under 600€

    Hi, I am new here, glad to join you all. Hope you can chip in and help me decide on the best scope for my budget. I could add a few hundred more to my budget, but would prefer to keep it under 600€. My first and most important priority is picture quality. Plan to use it mostly for watching...
  14. F

    Hello and some advice on Zeiss Gavia vs Swarovski ATS

    Dear all Brand new member here, although I have been following the forum as an outsider for a while now. Jumping right in with a request for much needed equipment advice please: I am considering the Zeiss Conquest Gavia vs Swarovski ATS 20x60 65 or 80 and am wondering if it is worth...
  15. S

    Carrying solutions based in US

    Hi everyone!! My father is an avid and active birder who carries his tripod scope and giant lens with him everywhere. For Christmas this year, I want to get him a nice tripac for carrying his scope but I can only find UK based sites and am worried about buying from out of the country with COVID...
  16. M

    Spotting scopes that offer the same value proposition as the Monarch HG bins?

    The Monarch HG's punch above their weight and I've read many people compare them favorable to far more expensive glass from Zeiss and Swarovski. Are there spotting scopes that offer the same value proposition as the MHG bins? Perhaps Nikon's own Monarch Fieldscope? I've been eying the MONARCH...
  17. birding


    by Olivon T-80ED glass spotting scope Distance: at least 300 m+
  18. birding 2

    birding 2

    by Olivon T-80ED glass spotting scope Distance: at least 300m
  19. birding picture

    birding picture

    by Olivon T-80ED