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sturnus vulgaris

  1. Common Starling.jpg

    Common Starling.jpg

    Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) Previously known as the European Starling.
  2. Need a disincentive

    Need a disincentive

    to help you stop eating all those Christmas cookies? Perhaps this image will help.
  3. Starling Sun gazing

    Starling Sun gazing

    ... well there's no stars during the day... and it was a surprise to see some blue sky in the middle of a pretty wet autumn! The light didn't do me any favours; I've played about with the levels, but still not great detail in there, sorry. TTTW


    The small bead of peanut butter at the point of its bill lets you know why he came to the yard.
  5. Starlings, testing the wires.

    Starlings, testing the wires.

  6. Feasting


    This whitebeam was full of feasting Starlings that day, and perfectly lit by the sun. I got dozens of shots I'm really happy with, but rather than bore you with endless variations on the theme I've chosen this one, which I think was possibly the best of a good bunch.
  7. Starling


  8. Before social distancing

    Before social distancing

    Back when strangers could meet at the communal baths without worrying about households and "bubbles". Well, at least back when birds still could meet, before we learned there was a new bird flu spreading around Europe.
  9. Imitator


    Starlings can imitate other birds' songs ... and behaviors. Not sure whether this one is imitating a woodpecker or a treecreeper.
  10. Winter spots

    Winter spots

    This Starling seems to be ready for winter with his spotty coat on, and some people seem to be quite keen for some snow. But I'm quite happy with autumn colours still. TTTW
  11. SF3 - showerer & showeree

    SF3 - showerer & showeree

    From a long series of puddle pics of Starlings and House Sparrows. I think I've shared even funnier ones from this series before.
  12. Plotters


    I'm sure these two were planning some mischief between them. Wonder what though? LOL
  13. Busyness


    I thought the pigeon looked like a mother hen LOL. There's a mixture of adult and young Starlings there.
  14. Common Starling

    Common Starling

    A hugely underrated and pretty garden bird, The Common starling (Sturnus vulgaris) on my bird feeder, Essex, U.K.
  15. Common Starling Male

    Common Starling Male

    Common Starling / Sturnus vulgaris Quarantine days...
  16. Starlings Rutting

    Starlings Rutting

    While the quarantine days , I took this photo at home from the window . The starlings, just before the copulation. The male is at the left side ....
  17. (Common) Starling, Walney Island, Cumbria, UK

    (Common) Starling, Walney Island, Cumbria, UK

    I came across a large flock of Starlings feeding in some fields beside the road. A few birds were perched on the fence and stayed put when I drove up beside them and stopped. I don't think I have ever really looked at Starlings quite so close up before. This one is in winter plumage and looks...
  18. European Starling

    European Starling

    European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) Also known as the Common Starling. Breeding plumage. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Chambers County, Texas, USA. Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes Vegetational Area. Around the pavilion and trailhead to the willows.
  19. Starling (Bird of the year 2018 in germany)

    Starling (Bird of the year 2018 in germany)

    also no common guest at hte feeder
  20. Breakfast