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  1. Jealousy


    A fledgling Eastern Bluebird looks on in disbelief as its sibling gets fed before it does.
  2. Blackbird's feast

    Blackbird's feast

    Evergreen ivy makes blackbirds happy with its berries and makes a nice backdrop for photos when no other foliage is around.
  3. Daytime nap

    Daytime nap

    No fieldfares were awoken in the making of this picture!
  4. Himalayas - 588 : Amazing Wildlife of India by ... Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari : White-crested Laughingthrush-call and laughter

    Himalayas - 588 : Amazing Wildlife of India by ... Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari : White-crested Laughingthrush-call and laughter

    Some mirth ... ... and joy from Himalayas ... Himalayan forests are repository of mind-blowing wealth ... ... wealth that Nature has bestowed upon mankind ... over eons ...
  5. Fandango739

    Hilton Head Is. South Carolina USA - which thrush?

    Seen last month. Only photo. Hopefully it is enough. Many thanks!
  6. Fieldfare


    In February 2919, looking out of my apartment window, I noticed some Fieldfares picking the rowan berries from a rowan tree at my window, and it even had started snowing. I love this scene. So, I quickly fetched my camera and opened the window completely to create this short video clip of...
  7. Female Eurasian Blackbird

    Female Eurasian Blackbird

  8. Himalayas - 576

    Himalayas - 576

    Play acting ... One adult gave food to another ... who demanded it actively ... this happened frequently in that feeding party ... two, apparently adult individuals ... feeding side by side ... one would stop and assume demand mode ... the other would immediately offer food to it...
  9. Fandango739

    SW Florida, USA - Which Thrush?

    Seen today at Six Mile Cypress Slough, SW Florida. All the same bird. Thanks!
  10. Azan Khan

    Thrush ID from Pakistan

    Hi. Is this a normal 1st-winter male or a sub-adult female Red-throated Thrush? Or male Red-throated Thrush X Black-throated Thrush? Or male Red-throated Thrush X Naumann's Thrush? Or male Black-throated Thrush X Naumann's Thrush? Location: Shogran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Date: April 2021...
  11. Song Thrush

    Song Thrush

  12. 22600029-1355-40CF-8348-5EDF0C1F8869.jpeg


    Wood thrush
  13. Tom St

    Birds in Germany--Taunus

    All observed in April 2021 in the Taunus region. 1) Is this falcon ID-able from the photo? 2) Which of the Redstarts is this? 3) Probably song thrush? 4) Probably song thrush? 5+6) Same bird on those two photos. Could be a flycatcher, or something really common that I am missing here. Thanks...
  14. Female Blackbird

    Female Blackbird

    This beauty caught my attention when I heard its cheeping in an old graveyard. Hope you like it :)
  15. Dimitra_v

    redwing or song thrush or hybrid? [Pictures] (Greece)

    On February 20th I was birding in my back yard and I noticed a thrush. It was the first time I ever saw a thrush so I was skeptical. At first I Identified it as a song thrush (notice the arrow-shaped brown spots) but afterwards I looked up other pictures of song thrushes and none of them had...
  16. Gatheredeagle

    Thrush ID- Marina del Rey, CA, USA

    Can someone just confirm my suspected ID. I don’t want to write what I think it is so there won’t be a bias. One of them is out of focus but shows the eyering.
  17. Tom St

    Thrush in the Netherlands--Groningen

    I need help with IDing this thrush. I guess Song or Mistle. Thank you!
  18. Tom St

    More birds in Slovakia

    All encountered in Slovakia in August 2020. Thanks for any help! 1: ? 2: maybe a bunting? 3: ? 4: maybe a buzzard? 5: some thrush
  19. Black-billed Thrush

    Black-billed Thrush

    Coming to the fruit feeders at Waqanki lodge. Easy to photograph !!
  20. Spring-Summer - 366

    Spring-Summer - 366

    Though there are many unshared images ... in the archive ... here's one that I discovered 2 days ago ... Another species ... that comes infrequently here ... last image came nearly 3 years ago ... one I posted even before that ... This species breeds in Himalayas and moves to the ...
  21. Wood Thrush

    Wood Thrush

    I heard this guy loooong before I saw him. He was pretty deep off the trail, and I scanned the trees several times. Finally, I caught his silhouette. Hiding in plain sight. He was around 30 yards or so off the trail. Plain looking guy with a pretty and complex song.
  22. Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush

    Grive solitaire
  23. Rufous-bellied Thrush

    Rufous-bellied Thrush

    Rufous-bellied Thrush (Turdus rufiventris rufiventris)
  24. Black-throated Thrush

    Black-throated Thrush

    Because of the cold they came to cities more in last winter.
  25. Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus)