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tricolored heron

  1. Tricolored Heron (Egretta Tricolor)

    Tricolored Heron (Egretta Tricolor)

    A Tricolored or Louisiana Heron. Late in the afternoon, and a bit breezy.
  2. Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Sitting in the shade, yet still popping with color and adornment - this tricolored heron is showing the bright blue bill, the red legs, and the long aigrette feathers on its back, all dressed up to impress a mate
  3. Tricolored heron flying high

    Tricolored heron flying high

    Another large wading bird common in Florida, and also showing some breeding coloration with the bill turning from yellow to blue
  4. Tricolored Heron.jpg

    Tricolored Heron.jpg

    Formerly called the "Louisiana Heron, "this is one of the most abundant herons in the Deep South.
  5. Tricolored heron fishing attack

    Tricolored heron fishing attack

    Unlike most of our herons and egrets who are patient fishermen, waiting perfectly still for the moment to plunge their bill - the tricolored heron is a frantic, noisy fisherman - flying out low over the water or jumping in, and plunging his head down while chasing the fish through the water.
  6. Tricolored heron sunset flight

    Tricolored heron sunset flight

    Flying past late in the day, as the sun was about to drop behind the treeline - catching the last warm light of the day
  7. Tricolored heron

    Tricolored heron

    Standing in lovely light and calm shallow waters, this one had just taken a drink to wash down a recent fish
  8. Tricolored Egret 2.JPG

    Tricolored Egret 2.JPG

    Strikes but missed
  9. Tricolored Egret 1.JPG

    Tricolored Egret 1.JPG

    A few around reserve
  10. Tricolored Heron

    Tricolored Heron

    We don't have that hanging moss like they do in the southern states. To bad, I kind of like it.
  11. Lady of the Glades

    Lady of the Glades

    tricolored heron
  12. Tricolored Heron

    Tricolored Heron

    I was surprised that the heron would get so close to that large turtle, but I guess they know better.
  13. Tricolored Heron

    Tricolored Heron

    Taken at Eagle Lakes Park in south Naples.
  14. So I need more deodorant?

    So I need more deodorant?

    I could have made a series about this one too for Saturday Fun, but I found that shake shot irresistible.
  15. Another preener

    Another preener

    having a scratch. And yes, obviously, my SF series was made up of shots "sampled" from a long set of preening shots. Delia isn't the only one to create a false impression in the interests of Saturday Fun ;)
  16. SF3: There! Better?

    SF3: There! Better?

    Sorry I've fallen behind on browsing again. Did a 6+ mile bird count route on slick ice yesterday, and fell asleep for most of the afternoon once I got home. Then after a workout at the gym this morning, I had to: bake bread, do some sewing (still more to go), and record the sightings from...
  17. SF2: Just a sec!

    SF2: Just a sec!

    (shake, shake, shake)
  18. SF1: What?

    SF1: What?

    Are my feathers sticking up in back, you say?
  19. Tricolored Heron

    Tricolored Heron

    Taken at the Marsh Trail, south of Naples, Florida.
  20. Sunset at low tide....

    Sunset at low tide....

    As I walked toward this tidal pool, full of different waders at sunset, everyone took to flight just as I got within my lenses range. Except this beauty, who stayed as I walked right to the edge and sat down. Thanks my sunset companion...
  21. Too close....

    Too close....

    When another egret tried to land nearby, this beauty was having none of it.
  22. Dancing till dusk...

    Dancing till dusk...

    My dancing friend...
  23. Fledgling tricolored

    Fledgling tricolored

    Fledgling lets me close.
  24. Audubon's Lady...

    Audubon's Lady...

    Audubon dubbed these beauties Lady of the glades.
  25. Morning Poser...

    Morning Poser...

    This tricolored just begged me to take this picture...