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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. I've had a long day

    I've had a long day

    Eurasian Coot stretching and drying it's wings
  2. Bring me food, hooman!

    Bring me food, hooman!

    Mallard drake
  3. Hooded crow against the moon

    Hooded crow against the moon

    I'm uncertain if photos without clear details are encouraged. Will take it down if it goes against the rules.
  4. One of a kind

    One of a kind

    Leucistic female mallard on Nidelva river at Trondheim. She's the only one in the flock with leucism and gets picked on quite often for being different.
  5. Do you have any food?

    Do you have any food?

    Mallard family
  6. Herring gull

    Herring gull

  7. Great black backed gull

    Great black backed gull

    Great black backed gull captured in the snow at Upper Leirfossen, Trondheim, Norway.
  8. Brambling


    Plenty of colorful birds at the feeders too, not least the Bramblings.
  9. Sideways


    The pond isn't the only "hot spot" at Ringve. From October through April, there's also a feeder array in a little clearing in the wooded gully, with a viewing gallery at the top of the slope.
  10. Hey! I can be colorful too!

    Hey! I can be colorful too!

    Herring Gull trying to get some attention ... and treats. Not quite as much of a tourist attraction as the Mandarin Duck, but he does have a bicolored spot on his bill.
  11. Snort!


    I probably should have saved this one for Saturday fun, but I figure we could all use an extra laugh this year. Hope this gave you one.
  12. A different view

    A different view

    He was also getting much bolder after spending much of the summer at the popular duck-feeding area. Staying well away from humans earlier, he was now swimming quite close to where I stood at the edge of the pond. That gave me a different view of his plumage.
  13. Outta my way!

    Outta my way!

    I got dozens of good shots of this guy that day, but I'll try not to bore you by posting them all. Just a final three today, and making sure they're all quite different poses. Here he's chasing off a Mallard who was crowding him near the seeds I'd been tossing out onto the water. When this guy...
  14. Remembering Fall colours 2

    Remembering Fall colours 2

    Back in October, our visiting Mandarin Duck was back in full plumage. His mate had already migrated southwards, and soon he would follow. I wonder where he went for the Winter. Some thought they saw him on the far side of the river by the lower falls, where the outflow from the power plant...
  15. Hairraising?


    This Great Tit seems alarmed, perhaps at the sight of all the Starlings that had just landed at the other end of my Sargent apple shrub (Malus sargentii). Not often I've caught one with his "crest" up.
  16. Feasting


    This whitebeam was full of feasting Starlings that day, and perfectly lit by the sun. I got dozens of shots I'm really happy with, but rather than bore you with endless variations on the theme I've chosen this one, which I think was possibly the best of a good bunch.
  17. Before social distancing

    Before social distancing

    Back when strangers could meet at the communal baths without worrying about households and "bubbles". Well, at least back when birds still could meet, before we learned there was a new bird flu spreading around Europe.
  18. Imitator


    Starlings can imitate other birds' songs ... and behaviors. Not sure whether this one is imitating a woodpecker or a treecreeper.
  19. SF1 - Full Moon

    SF1 - Full Moon

    After that stormy morning (the one with all those rain shots), the weather cleared up and I went out for a walk. Along the way I was "mooned" by this Blue Tit. Looks round enough that I guess this was a full moon.
  20. Rain photos 3

    Rain photos 3

    This Blue Tit seems downright upset with me about the weather, as if I'd insisted s/he get out there and pose in it. And you can kind of see how dark it was under the thick clouds. Still, having grown up in California, I was actually glad for all the wet. Sorry I'm not quite caught up browsing...
  21. Rain photos 2

    Rain photos 2

    Even rainier here, and the sparrow does not look all that happy about the weather. But family in California would have been dancing out in the rain with joy.
  22. Rain shots 1

    Rain shots 1

    Back in September, while wildfires still raged in California keeping family members packed ready to evacuate at a moment's notice, my brother asked me to post some rain photos on Facebook. This was one of the ones I took through my feeder view window.
  23. Nearly the last

    Nearly the last

    We finally got back to Ann's cabin, without another sighting of the Divers sadly, I found the Willow Tit still feeding. As I don't see these at home, thought I'd put another into my Gallery for you to see. Nice birds, aren't they. I've just a couple more pictures from this, my final day in...
  24. Another Hellish first

    Another Hellish first

    This time my very first picture of a Chiffchaff believe it or not!!! I've heard them for years, of course, but never managed to find one in the open in order to get a picture. Even this one wasn't too easy and I had to get confirmation in the ID forum. What made it harder, was that there was...
  25. Keeping me company

    Keeping me company

    On the morning of the last full day, when Ann was doing her thing at the university, and I was sitting all alone in her office waiting to see if any birds would appear in the trees outside, I suddenly realised that I was being watched. So we had a wee chat and, of course, I had to take her...