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  1. Hungry horde

    Hungry horde

    During August and early September most of the birds desert my garden but every now and then a whole load of Starlings descend. Here's just a portion of them, think there were about 3 times as many as I've got here. Right little piggies for my SF picture. TTTW
  2. Gangland


    A load of young Starlings flocking together plotting their next raid on my window feeder!! This was most of the ringleaders, there were a few more on the other gable end, on the aerial and in the tree pretending not to be involved in the decision! TTTW
  3. And then....

    And then....

    ..... there were SIX! I knew there were more but it was so difficult to count them as they were back and fro so quickly. I think I've seen more but again difficult. This is the most I've got in one picture. TTTW
  4. All mine!!

    All mine!!

    Everyone had gone and left it to him LOL They really are so cute these babies.
  5. And then there were four

    And then there were four

    There was a real Blue Tit feste going on at that time, with the youngsters having been brought to the garden from the nest. Such a delight they were. TTTW
  6. True Blue

    True Blue

    This beauty decided to have his back to me, whether he had a seed to chew on I'm not sure. That blue was stunning, maybe it was the way the light was on him doing that? TTTW
  7. Insecure


    I think this is the only young Blackbird I've seen this summer. Some species really seemed to suffer with the poor weather during June. Probably not too long out of the nest. TTTW
  8. Frazzled Dad

    Frazzled Dad

    Ok I'm guessing it's dad, no woman would appear in public in such a mess!!! However, he seems to have managed to rear about 5 youngsters, as they all arrived at the same time. I was actually beginning to despair of seeing any as the weather had been so cold and wet it seemed the majority of...
  9. On dry land

    On dry land

    I'd not seen any gulls around for a bit, so guess they were off somewhere else to breed. This guy seemed to remember where there was usually some food available and came for a tuck in. TTTW
  10. Toddler tantrum

    Toddler tantrum

    The fledgling Blue Tits were brought straight to my window feeders when they left the nest. So decided it was 'their' territory. It's been difficult to count them, but there's generally 5 and on odd occasions I've had about 10 I think. This one looks really angry about something LOL TTTW...
  11. I'm bigger than you -

    I'm bigger than you -

    - get away from my patch! I'm glad I managed to catch that bit of action. TTTW
  12. Aaah!! Bliss

    Aaah!! Bliss

    We did have some nice days through June and he seemed to be loving it. TTTW
  13. Gotcha


    Some of you will know the difficulties I have trying to get pictures of a Great Tit at the window feeders. They're usually in and out so quickly but this one seemed to really savour the half coconut filled with fat and seeds. TTTW
  14. Supervising


    I think she was checking out the behaviour of the young sparrows. Though there don't seem to have been so many of them this year. Up on top of the beech hedge, which had had a real short back and sides (and top too) last year. TTTW
  15. Feeder fights

    Feeder fights

    By now I had so many Starlings in the garden after a whole shed-load of youngsters had spilled out from their nests. Oh the noisy squabbles that produced over the food. It got to the stage where they'd empty the fatball feeder within a couple of hours, as well as two coconut shells of filled...
  16. I don't often notice...

    I don't often notice...

    ....the pretty pink tinge to the upper breast area. Must have just caught this one in the right light and the right angle. I've also noticed that the woodies are mostly keeping away during the day and coming to the pole feeder in the evening. Not sure what caused this change of behaviour...
  17. Getting brave

    Getting brave

    This was the first time I'd seen a Jackdaw on the pole feeder so just had to take his picture. Not seen one there since though LOL TTTW
  18. Taking a rest

    Taking a rest

    The Starlings were really busy collecting food to take to the nests, they couldn't gobble up the meal worms quickly enough. Got this one taking a break on the beech hedge. TTTW
  19. At last

    At last

    The very end of May and at last some babies start to appear. Well.... one is a start. With the cold, wet weather throughout May, it delayed nesting quite drastically. Here's a proud dad giving his new hungry bairn a feed. TTTW
  20. Divorced?


    ... why wasn't this female siskin eating at the same table as hubby I wonder? Seemed strange that he was on the tray and she was up the tree. TTTW for SF
  21. Enjoying


    Back at home, the Siskins were still around and here's the guy enjoying the seeds on the pole feeder. TTTW
  22. Slopey


    The Siskins were becoming very welcome regular visitors. This is the male at the top of the bank where my pole feeder is, you can get a bit of an idea of how steep it is in this shot. TTTW
  23. Branch office

    Branch office

    I can't see that branch at the moment as it's hidden by beech leaves. Makes a good survey point though, doesn't it. TTTW
  24. Full up, surely? (SF)

    Full up, surely? (SF)

    It's not often I get to see a bird with a very full crop. Surely he can't stuff much more in there can he? TTTW
  25. Trunking


    I managed to spot Mrs Chaffinch at the base of the beech hedge (only possible during the winter, it's now all covered in leaves). TTTW