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turdus merula

  1. Blackbird (F)

    Blackbird (F)

    Blackbird (F)
  2. Male blackbird

    Male blackbird

  3. Female Eurasian Blackbird

    Female Eurasian Blackbird

  4. Common Blackbird

    Common Blackbird

    This is the bird which joined my recent Grey Wagtail on the substation roof. It still hasn't acquired full juvenile plumage on the head (unless it has mites or something like that. I did post a question about that in the Birds and Birding forum, with two photos, but no-one replied so I guess the...
  5. Blackbird


    A very friendly female blackbird that let me get really close. Quite a heavy crop to see the feather details.
  6. Female blackbird

    Female blackbird

  7. Practise


    ... does help! This was another of my friend's efforts. He was a bit quicker in getting the camera focused. Though I think the bill isn't quite right, perhaps it moved. It seems the Blackbird has almost finished the offerings on that gatepost.
  8. Sunbathing Blackbird

    Sunbathing Blackbird

  9. juvenile blackbird

    juvenile blackbird

  10. Insecure


    I think this is the only young Blackbird I've seen this summer. Some species really seemed to suffer with the poor weather during June. Probably not too long out of the nest. TTTW
  11. blackbird (juvenile)

    blackbird (juvenile)

  12. Blackbird


  13. Anger


    Doesn't he look cross.... I've no idea what he was thinking. It wasn't the lack of food, he was gobbling up enough between these tantrum bouts LOL
  14. Droopy wing

    Droopy wing

    It seems ages since I last showed you a garden Blackbird. What happened to this guys wing I've no idea, unless a cat got to him. I can't remember seeing him since so, hopefully it's better now, or maybe sadly he's departed. TTTW
  15. leucistic blackbird

    leucistic blackbird

    This partial leucistic blackbird is one of the residents in our garden. One clearly notices the weaker structure of the white tertial, due to the lack of melanin. I’ve notice that several partial leucistic blackbrids live in the neighbourhood, would have been a nice case study for Darwin.
  16. Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)
  17. 172- Turdus merula Blackbird- 3 avril 2015.jpg

    172- Turdus merula Blackbird- 3 avril 2015.jpg

    Merle noir - Turdus merula - Blackbird
  18. Male Blackbird feeding young.jpeg

    Male Blackbird feeding young.jpeg

    Waited a while for these two to move into a position where I could take the photo through the living room window
  19. Wormy Face for SF

    Wormy Face for SF

  20. Blackbird (F)

    Blackbird (F)

    Blackbird (F) shot taken through the car windscreen.
  21. Snow fun 2 (SF)

    Snow fun 2 (SF)

    The shot immediately before this, the Blackbird had buried his head completely in the snow and this was the result when he lifted. Of course I didn't notice at the time of shooting, it was only when I was looking through the folder later. Hope it amuses you as much as it did me when I first...
  22. What's she feeding us now?

    What's she feeding us now?

    Mr B doesn't seem too sure that the snow tastes that good to eat LOL We had a right old gale here yesterday with lots of snow showers. The snow didn't settle until a heavier fall later in the afternoon when the wind had dropped a bit. Only a very little lay and it's all gone now. A casualty of...
  23. Blackbird


  24. Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)
  25. Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)

    Blackbird (M)