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  1. Columbian Black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

    Columbian Black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

    Note the large ears. This young buck was chewing on willows in our back yard. This is a race of the larger Mule Deer widespread in the Far West. Columbian Black-tailed Deer replaces the smaller Sitka Deer along the coast south of coastal British Columbia.
  2. Fall has finally arrived

    Fall has finally arrived

    And so have the Black-and-White Warblers
  3. Sawtooth Mountain (background) Cane cholla (foreground).jpg

    Sawtooth Mountain (background) Cane cholla (foreground).jpg

    Sawtooth Mountain with cane cholla in the foreground.
  4. Rufous-crowned Sparrow.jpg

    Rufous-crowned Sparrow.jpg

    Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Aimophila ruficeps eremoeca).
  5. Western Grebe.jpg

    Western Grebe.jpg

    Western Grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis occidentalis)
  6. Yellow Warbler

    Yellow Warbler

    Here is a brief video of the Yellow Warbler including its song.
  7. Yellow Warbler

    Yellow Warbler

    This male in alternate (breeding) plumage shows diagnostic chestnut steaking. Formerly a common breeder in our area, they have succumbed to brood parasitism from invading Brown-headed Cowbirds. Eastern populations thwart the cowbirds by building multiple nests on top of each other, but our birds...
  8. Clark's Grebe pair.jpg

    Clark's Grebe pair.jpg

    Clark’s Grebes (Aechmophorus clarkii)
  9. Bordered Mantis (Stagmomantis limbata) Davis Mountains SP.jpg

    Bordered Mantis (Stagmomantis limbata) Davis Mountains SP.jpg

    Bordered Mantis (Stagmomantis limbata: Mantidae) on the side of a building. This species ranges from 5.1-7.6 cm (2.0-3.0 in) long.
  10. Canyon Towhee (juvenile).jpg

    Canyon Towhee (juvenile).jpg

    Canyon Towhee (Melozone fusca texanus) juvenile.
  11. Sanderling


    This species has one of the most cosmopolitan ranges of any bird, being found during migration and winter along all the coasts of all the continents of the world except Antarctica. It breed in the high arctic. This one is still mostly in winter (basic) plumage, all white below and uniformly pale...
  12. Mutey ;)

    Mutey ;)

    Mute Swan
  13. Crevice Spiny Lizard.jpg

    Crevice Spiny Lizard.jpg

    Crevice Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus poinsettii: Phrynosomatidae) This species ranges in size from 9.5-11.8 cm (3.75-4.6 in) long, snout to vent and can reach a total length of 31.1 cm (12.2 in).
  14. Ruby-throated Hummingbird.jpg

    Ruby-throated Hummingbird.jpg

    Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) female.
  15. Belted Kingfisher.jpg

    Belted Kingfisher.jpg

    Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) male.
  16. Tropical Kingbird

    Tropical Kingbird

    This species is a rare but regular late autumn migrant and winter visitor to the coast of California. The pale crown, throat, chest, and deeply notched tail are consistent with the expected northern race "T. m. satrapa" ranging from Arizona to northern South America. "T. m. occidentalis" is a...
  17. Horizontal


    Red-eyed Vireo Red-eyed Vireos are large, chunky vireos with a long, angular head, thick neck, and a strong, long bill with a small but noticeable hook at the tip. The body is stocky and the tail fairly short.
  18. Summer Tanager (male).jpg

    Summer Tanager (male).jpg

    Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra cooperi) male.
  19. Red-breasted Merganser

    Red-breasted Merganser

    Hauled out on the beach, this species seems to have a perennial bad hair day. Although resembling a female, I believe this is an immature male based on its black scapulars and vermiculated gray flanks. It takes two years before they acquire full breeding plumage. They are similar to the Common...
  20. Fly By

    Fly By

    American Crow
  21. great egret

    great egret

  22. Javelina jpg

    Javelina jpg

    Javelina (Tayassu tajacu: Tayassuidae) Also known as a Collared Peccary.
  23. Swainson's Hawk.jpg

    Swainson's Hawk.jpg

    Swainson’s Hawk (Buteo swainsoni)
  24. Hepatic Tanger (female).jpg

    Hepatic Tanger (female).jpg

    Hepatic Tanager (Piranga flava) female.
  25. Black-bellied Plover

    Black-bellied Plover

    Note the lack of a rear toe (hallux) which helps distinguish this species from similar Golden-Plovers. This is the largest plover found in North America. In Texas, it is most commonly encountered along the coast. It is an adult female or a molting male almost in full breeding plumage. Three...