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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

vanellus duvaucelii

  1. River Lapwing : at River Chambal : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    River Lapwing : at River Chambal : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Watch a ... Globally Threatened species ... in its fantastic habitat ... ... around that fabulous central India River ... Chambal __________ River Lapwing Vanellus duvaucelli River Chambal Morena division M.P. India
  2. River Lapwing flight over River Ganga : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    River Lapwing flight over River Ganga : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    River Lapwing ... ... is a Globally Threatened species ... ... due to habitat loss degradation and population pressure We were lucky to spot 10 individuals on the bank of the holiest of Indian River ... Ganga ... Here one of them is seen flying low ... ... over the river and coming to...
  3. Lakescape-973


    River Lapwing ... On the bank of India's most worshipped ... ... and celebrated River ... Ganga A globally threatened species ... ___________________ Bank of River Ganga Rishikesh Uttarakhand Himalayas India 5 October 2023
  4. Lakescape - 688

    Lakescape - 688

    Lakescape - 688 Here' another pair engaged in courtship display The activity occurs on ground and involves ... ... stooping spinning ... stretching and ... crest raising ... Some of it may be seen in the following video-clip ... Link : https://ebird.org/checklist/S65200092...
  5. Lakescape - 687

    Lakescape - 687

    Lakescape - 687 The 'spur' is showing ... Here's closeup of one of the nesting Pairs ... Originally called Spur-winged Plover and ... for a while Spur-winged Lapwing as well ... the name given to the African species now ... with whom these are strongly related Australasian Masked...
  6. Lakescape - 686

    Lakescape - 686

    Lakescape - 686 A mixed group of River Lapwings and Red-wattled Lapwings ... On Baddi River bed ... ... a habitat both love to use as nesting niche ... there was a plenty of drama here ... both ... intra and interspecies ... interaction involving dives ... threats and displays River...
  7. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

    River Lapwing
  8. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

    River Lapwing
  9. River Lapwing and his friend.....

    River Lapwing and his friend.....

    Seen during a boat safari on Chambal River, Rajasthan, India.
  10. Lakescape - 367

    Lakescape - 367

    Pilibhit Tiger Reserve ... it is dotted with waterbodies, swamps and bogs ... as well as criss-crossed by a sytem of canals fed by River Sharda ... ... and river Mala ... A very water-rich area accounting for presence of big pachyderms ... like Asian Elephant ... ( IUCN - Endangered )...
  11. Lakescape - 251

    Lakescape - 251

    Lapwing - 6 Behavior ... Since this specie is near threatened ... I thought it may be worthwhile sharing a bit of their behavior ... It was Pre-monsoon and the pair formation was going on in right earnest ... The courtship display given on ground involved vocalizing puffing, crest...
  12. Lakescape - 250

    Lakescape - 250

    Lapwing - 5 __________________ A bird classified as Near Threatened ... ... and Sedentary ... I visited this site after a gap of 5 years ... where I saw them on last occasion ... And Lo and Behold ...! ... I saw a group of these beauties bang at the same spot on the degraded...
  13. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  14. Lakescape - 228

    Lakescape - 228

    Victims ... ... of Habitat-loss and Degradation ... Conservation Status : Near Threatened ____________________ River Lapwing ( Vanellus duvaucelii ) Baddi Industrial Twonship Himachal Pradesh India 10.06.2013
  15. Himalayas - 31

    Himalayas - 31

    Ravage & Resilience _______________________ ...This used to be a beautiful small river in the Himalayan foothills ... Lovely in its setting and backdrop ... ... and , rich in bird-life ... Now ... There is a flourishing Industrial township along the River ... And it flows...
  16. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  17. River Lapwing-pair.

    River Lapwing-pair.

    River Lapwing (Vanellus duvaucelii )
  18. River lapwings

    River lapwings

  19. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  20. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  21. Crocodile and Great Thick knee and River Lapwings

    Crocodile and Great Thick knee and River Lapwings

  22. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  23. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing

  24. watercolours


    Stone Curlew, Bee-eater, River Lapwing, Thick-billed Lark, Rock Bunting, Firecrest All watercolour on Fabriano paper (all are 12x15 cm).
  25. River Lapwing

    River Lapwing