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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Blanchard's Cricket Frog

    Blanchard's Cricket Frog

    Blanchards Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans subsp. blanchardi: Hylidae) This small frog is 1.6-3.8 cm (0.6-1.5 in) long. A variably colored and common frog across most of Texas. Photographed in Riverside Park, Victoria, Victoria County, Texas, USA. Margin of the Guadalupe River at ca. 29 m (95...
  2. White-Peacock [closed-wing (ventral-view)]

    White-Peacock [closed-wing (ventral-view)]

    White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae subsp. luteipicta: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 5.1-7.0 cm (2.00-2.75 in). Saxet Lake Park, Victoria, Victoria County, Texas, USA. Open park setting around the lake with scattered mesquite at ca. 27 m (89 ft) elevation.
  3. Bell Miner

    Bell Miner

    Bell Miner in the middle of the distinctive tink tink call which resonates throughout the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens
  4. Bell Miner

    Bell Miner

    Bell Miner (Bell Bird) Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne
  5. Eastern Spinebill

    Eastern Spinebill

    Taken at near Yea Victoria
  6. Bell Miner

    Bell Miner

    There's a big colony of these at the botanical gardens. Honestly, listening to their 'tink' 'tink' sound over and over again drives me insane whenever I go!
  7. 'Gorgeous!..


    Seeing as there aren't too many photos of these gorgeous little one's I'm posting the female which I took later in the afternoon about 1km away from where I found the male! I took her just before I saw the Juvie Black_Shouldered Kite and in my haste to process that, I overlooked her! Do hope you...
  8. 'A singing beauty!....

    'A singing beauty!....

    Hi all, I've been down sick with a flu virus and haven't been out much or looked in here. The sun came out today and Pete suggested we go to Williamstown, just a saunter! lol. We got quite a few great shots of S/F Wrens at Altona Beach and then I wandered into an area that is apparently infested...
  9. For Rose.

    For Rose.

    This is about as large a crop as I can get, Rose. Does it help you with the ID?? I've looked at the birds you suggested bt can't make out which one it is. Much thanks. Richard
  10. 'New for me!'

    'New for me!'

    Just had to share this! I had been reading up on sightings and decided to go and have a look at Wilson's Reserve myself as I haven't been to Ivanhoe for about 30yrs (Used to work in that area when I first started teaching students to drive ....another lifetime ago) Pete and I wandered around our...
  11. Tuff Indeed

    Tuff Indeed

    Last Saturday I went down to the Bellarine Peninsula to look for the Southern Emu wren , but as you can see the filtered light in the 3 photo's that I am posting are not as sharp as I would like due to the low light therefore exposure time was down to 200th of a second not up at 1250th of a...
  12. 'Another New Bird!!!...

    'Another New Bird!!!...

    Hi everyone, just had to share this guy! Pete and I had been down the back road to our place as we didn't have time to go out too far, I found the female Galah in the hollow of the tree where they had nested last year but no bubs then! Looked for the Striated Pardalote at the nest hole... but...
  13. Striated Fieldwren

    Striated Fieldwren

  14. Striated Fieldwren

    Striated Fieldwren

    At the northern limit of its range, the delightful little Striated Fieldwren survives in amongst the Gorse (a noxious foreign weed) which is all that grows on this degraded farmland. Unfortunately, a statewide campaign to eradicate the Gorse - in itself a worthy aim - also threatens the...
  15. Little Grassbird

    Little Grassbird

    Difficult to get a good shot of, a bit disappointing really.
  16. Brown Songlark for database

    Brown Songlark for database

    Second shot lost in crash.This was a new bird for me, our farm and BF, so it was a great way to start the year. Male brown songlark (songbird) is the only Australian bird with with fawn crown contrasted with sooty-brown face and breast.
  17. Data base

    Data base

    Lost in the crash. This was a new bird for me, our farm and BF, so it was a great way to start the year. Male brown songlark (songbird) is the only Australian bird with with fawn crown contrasted with sooty-brown face and breast.
  18. Fledgeling Little Wattlebird

    Fledgeling Little Wattlebird

    Sitting on the gate making quite a lot of noise waiting for its mother to come and feed it.
  19. Little Wattlebird (juvenile)

    Little Wattlebird (juvenile)

    There are two of them and they are nearly independant. They very rarely stay together so the poor mother tries to feed them by racing from one to the other with food.