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west papua

  1. Purple-tailed Imperial-Pigeon

    Purple-tailed Imperial-Pigeon

    Endemic to Papua New Guinea, this is the darker nominate race found in West Papua. It is usually solitary, difficult to see and typically flies below the canopy.
  2. Dwarf Koel

    Dwarf Koel

    A new species to birdforum. Not a true Koel but closely related in the cuckoo family. This species is placed in its own genus because of its small size and unique plumage. Endemic to Papua New Guinea, this is a male showing a distinct black cap, black facial stripe and red eye. An uncommon...
  3. Lesser Black Coucal

    Lesser Black Coucal

    A new species for birdforum. Usually shy and difficult to observe. Endemic to Papua New Guinea, this is the smaller nominate race. All coucals have a long spike-like inner rear claw and were formerly known as "lark-heeled cuckoos." Unlike the typical old-world cuckoos, coucals (subfamily...
  4. Variable Goshawk

    Variable Goshawk

    As its name implies, this species occurs in a variety of color morphs. The most common is gray above and reddish below, but there are also all white and all gray morphs. This is an all gray morph. Note a tinge of red on its undertail coverts. It has been suggested that some of these variants...
  5. Golden Monarch

    Golden Monarch

    One of my favorite birds of the trip. This stunning male came out in the open and posed in good light for several minutes. A nice counterpoint to the fleeting glimpses we had of most Indonesian forest birds. Females have little or no black. Presumably the race "C. c. melanonotus" which ranges...
  6. Red bird-of-paradise

    Red bird-of-paradise

  7. Vogelkop Lophorina

    Vogelkop Lophorina

  8. Courtship of Magnificent bird-of-paradise

    Courtship of Magnificent bird-of-paradise

  9. Lesser bird-of-paradise

    Lesser bird-of-paradise

  10. Female Magnificent bird-of-paradise

    Female Magnificent bird-of-paradise

  11. moustached treeswift

    moustached treeswift

  12. Vogelkop Bowerbird

    Vogelkop Bowerbird

  13. Female Vogelkop Lophorina

    Female Vogelkop Lophorina

  14. Female Black Sicklebill feeding a juvenile

    Female Black Sicklebill feeding a juvenile

  15. Female Black Sicklebill

    Female Black Sicklebill

  16. Lesser bird-of-paradise

    Lesser bird-of-paradise

  17. Western Parotia

    Western Parotia

  18. Green-backed robin

    Green-backed robin

  19. Arfak Catbird

    Arfak Catbird

  20. Magnificent bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus ) in West Papua

    Magnificent bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus ) in West Papua

  21. Rufous-throated Bronze-Cuckoo

    Rufous-throated Bronze-Cuckoo

  22. Ornate Melidectes

    Ornate Melidectes

  23. Streak-headed mannikin

    Streak-headed mannikin

  24. Feline owlet-nightjar

    Feline owlet-nightjar

  25. Lesser Birds of Paradise

    Lesser Birds of Paradise

    Here are Lesser Birds of Paradise in Klasow valley of Sorong regency - West Papua. http://manokwaripapua.blogspot.co.id/p/rainforest-tour-in-sorong-regency.html