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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

white-tailed eagle haliaeetus albicilla

  1. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    It was misty with some rain this morning when I went down to the boat club to take some more flight shots. When I looked at the pictures in the computer, I thought that it would be fun to post three pictures that taken today. The Whooper Swan pictures will be posted later
  2. Juvenile White-tailed Eagle

    Juvenile White-tailed Eagle

    I saw the eagle fly towards the house so I grabbed my camera went on to the balcony. It was obliging enough to circle around for a while so I got a few pictures. We have a lot of Whooper Swans in the area at the moment so I had some fun photographing them today.
  3. Eagle over the house

    Eagle over the house

    We've seen quite a few White-tailed Eagles in much better light since I took this but they've all been much higher up in the sky. The Burns Supper was a big success but it took a lot of organizing.
  4. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    I bought a Canon R7 over a month ago, partly because it is supposed to give good results with my Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS USM Mark II lens. Foolishly I didn't realize that I would need an adaptor. Then I discovered that the adaptors were sold out throughout Sweden. After a few weeks...
  5. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    Grabbed a few shots of this subadult White-tailed Eagle at the boat club this morning. I noticed that it's ringed.
  6. Young White-tailed Eagle

    Young White-tailed Eagle

    I posted another picture in this series earlier. I rediscovered this one when I was looking through pictures for an exhibition with a local nature photo club next year.
  7. 20230515_Seeadler_juvenil_Jork.jpg


    White-tailed Eagle, juvenil
  8. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    An0other shot of the White-tailed Eagle I posted last week.
  9. White-tailed Eagle - close encounter

    White-tailed Eagle - close encounter

    This adult bird flew towards me instead of away, for once, and came quite close.
  10. Eagle in a blizzard

    Eagle in a blizzard

    It's been a return to winter here during the past week and we have had lots of snow. It's been sunny for the last couple of days but there's still plenty of snow. This picture was taken at the wetland at the foot of the road in a snowstorm. I had a lot of fun that day. I was well wrapped up though
  11. Raptor-157


    These are some of the big Raptors including White-tailed Eagle That were circling overhead ... enjoying the thermals on a slowly warming day ... __________________ Sultanpur National Park Gurugram Haryana India 2 February 2023
  12. Juvenile White-tailed Eagle

    Juvenile White-tailed Eagle

    Another shot of the White-tailed Eagle I posted last week.
  13. Young White-tailed Eagle

    Young White-tailed Eagle

    This is an unringed juvenile. In this light the tail looks quite white due to the sunshine but in others it took it looks much darker. It started flying above my head when I was checking on the Whooper Swans at the small wetland at the bottom of the road. After taking lots of pictures, I was...
  14. Balcony Eagle

    Balcony Eagle

    Not on our balcony but photographed from it while it was flying over the house.
  15. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    For some reason we almost always seem to see White-tailed Eagles when we visit Häringe Castle. We saw 4 that day.
  16. Low-flying Eagle

    Low-flying Eagle

    This White-tailed Eagle flew past unexpectedly. Just had time to grab a few shots.
  17. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    Here's another photo from the series. Hope you like it :)
  18. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    During our visit to Skne in the south of Sweden at Easter we went to Flyinge to photograph White Storks. I'll be posting some of my stork photos later but while we were there a sub-adult White-tailed Eagle flew overhead and there were also quite a few Red Kites around.
  19. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    This juvenile was flying behind my boat. I hardly had time to see and photograph him before he flew away.
  20. Backlit Eagle

    Backlit Eagle

    Quite close but I could hardly see the bird for sunlight.
  21. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

  22. White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

  23. White-tailed Eagles - pair flight

    White-tailed Eagles - pair flight

    I know Margaret was looking forward to these Eagles from Landsort.
  24. Eagle power

    Eagle power

    A bit far off but i like the pose. An adult this time.
  25. Across the fields

    Across the fields

    We got so close to the young White-tailed Eagle that my wife began to think that it must have somehow flown off from the other side of the tree but I could see the brown patch in the tree the whole time. When it finally left the tree - an undignified tumble through the branches followed by a...