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wild birds

  1. Little owl

    Little owl

    This little pop onto this branch just at the right time
  2. Siskin


    Siskin enjoying the cherry tree buds,
  3. I

    What are the signs a young house sparrow has imprinted itself on its human caregiver?

    What are the signs that a young house sparrow, or any young bird for that matter, has imprinted itself on a human caregiver? Not a hatchling just born but a fledgling that I had taken in after noticing she had an injury to one of her wings. In the past two weeks her wing has improved and isn't...
  4. K

    ID a little one, South Africa, WC

    Hey guys, found a nest blown into the street after heavy winds, surprised to find a little one inside! Can anyone assist with an ID so we know what kind of help to offer? Found in the Western Cape, South Africa. He survived the night on a mixture of softened cat food and bird supplement...
  5. Polly Want A Passionfruit

    Polly Want A Passionfruit

    Our next door neighbours have a passion fruit vine growing over the fence just letting the passion fruit rot when I saw these precious Cockatoos feasting on them it made my heart smile.
  6. Wild Goose

    Wild Goose

    A photo I took at Tygum Park Brisbane, the park is looked after by our local council there are heaps of wild birds and native trees for the birds to forage in and a beautiful shallow water lake with pontoon and island in the centre for birds to nest.
  7. Great Tit in flight

    Great Tit in flight

    Captured this snap of a Great Tit in flight whilst in the garden. Thanks. See more at http://www.sselrocphotography.co.uk/photography-gallery/landscapes-wildlife-photographer/bird-photographer/
  8. (Female) Kestrel Keeping Lookout

    (Female) Kestrel Keeping Lookout

    This is my first post as I'm a new member. I took this last week near the Hardwick Hall Estate, Derbyshire U.K. as the sun was about to drop below the horizon. See more at http://www.sselrocphotography.co.uk/photography-gallery/landscapes-wildlife-photographer/bird-photographer/ Cheers.
  9. Eurasian Sparrowhawk

    Eurasian Sparrowhawk

    It was when I walking in the deep mountain, I saw a hungry Eurasian Sparrowhawk swallowing its prey. It was fully concentrated, totally unaware of my existence.
  10. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

  11. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

    This has been a regular visitor to my garden caught it having a stretch on my shed roof.
  12. Nuthatch


    Taken at my A.O.N.B.(Cannock Chase)
  13. Bullfinch (M)

    Bullfinch (M)

    Taken at my local A.O.N.B.
  14. Messy eater

    Messy eater

    I love the way this Goldfinch is on the tree trunk
  15. Reed Bunting

    Reed Bunting

    He looks such a confidant chap
  16. Goldfinch


    I love the lighting on the bird and the way it posed for the picture
  17. The Shoveler

    The Shoveler

  18. Blackie


  19. Egyptian Goose

    Egyptian Goose

  20. Wild Bird Memorial

    Wild Bird Memorial

    We went to a new place at the top of the mountain (hill) range between Nara and Osaka (the Ikoma range). There was a small temple we hadn't been to at the top. And there was the item in the photo: the three Chinese characters read 'Wild Bird Burial Mound'. As you can see there are offerings...
  21. White Breasted Nuthatch Another Pose

    White Breasted Nuthatch Another Pose

    I liked this one better but my hubby liked the first pose the best.
  22. White breasted nuthatch

    White breasted nuthatch

    caught this little nuthatch today and was happy to capture something new