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  1. Lesser Redpoll

    Lesser Redpoll

    Taken at a local nature spot in Bury Lancashire
  2. 20190222_7D2_7542-(2019_11_29-10_30_51-UTC)-web1024x683U30.jpg


    Short-eared Owl
  3. T

    How to release a water bird back into the wild?

    Hi everyone! So my friend had rescued two green herons, out of which one passed away sadly. The other one, Tara, has a broken leg which has set wrong, but he is otherwise healthy and has reached adulthood. I've been thinking of releasing him at a lake in our city where other water birds and...
  4. Cervus elaphus

    Cervus elaphus

  5. Wild Turkey (hen)

    Wild Turkey (hen)

    Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) Hen.
  6. Female Greenfinch

    Female Greenfinch

    A lovely female greenfinch getting ready to fly.
  7. Bee on a Wild Sunflower

    Bee on a Wild Sunflower

    Photo taken in August 18th, 2011, during a hike in the Rouge Valley. This was the wettest hike on recorded history, and we also went through a nettle patch, which is another story. We came out into this bog, and the sun came out. P.S. I'm pretty sure this is a honey bee, possibly a worker bee...
  8. Robin red breast

    Robin red breast

    A delightful robin red breast.
  9. Rabbit


    European Rabbbit, Pennington marshes
  10. Black tailed godwit

    Black tailed godwit

    A beautiful black tailed godwit with reflection.
  11. Incoming female chaffinch

    Incoming female chaffinch

    A beautiful female chaffinch coming into land at Yarrow Valley Country Park.
  12. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    A beautiful little blue tit.
  13. Reed Bunting

    Reed Bunting

    A lovely reed bunting in its nature habitat
  14. Great  tit

    Great tit

    Great tit at a local nature spot.
  15. Violet Wild Petunia

    Violet Wild Petunia

    Violet Wild Petunia (Ruellia nudiflora: Acanthaceae)
  16. The Monkey Queen

    The Monkey Queen

    Captured this Monkey on Silghat,Nagaon,Assam,India.I found this Monkey on a Tample.
  17. Grey Partridge

    Grey Partridge

  18. Coot


  19. Collared Dove

    Collared Dove

  20. Graylag Goose

    Graylag Goose

  21. Little Egret

    Little Egret

  22. Mistle Thrush Juvenile

    Mistle Thrush Juvenile

  23. Graylag Goose

    Graylag Goose

  24. Coots Juvenile

    Coots Juvenile

  25. Oystercatcher