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  1. Willet.jpg


    Willet (Tringa semipalmata semipalmata)
  2. Willet.jpg


    Willet (Tringa semipalmata)
  3. Willet


    Just if I had the iso maybe one setting lower.
  4. Willet


    This common shorebird looks uniformly drab gray in non-breeding plumage until it spreads its wings offering a very different appearance. The Willet is a strictly North American breeding bird with two populations. This is the larger "Western Willet" which breeds inland in the Great Basin and...
  5. From left to right the Snowy Egret and a Willet in winter plumage.

    From left to right the Snowy Egret and a Willet in winter plumage.

    Snowy White Egret and Willet in winter plumage. If I don't' see you before Christmas then let me say, "Merry Christmas, and God Bless You All.
  6. Willet


    Same beach as the Snowy Egret. It was really coo to see! Brown Pelicans were everywhere but I never got a good chance to take a picture. Maybe Tomorrow!
  7. surfbird and willet

    surfbird and willet

  8. Sharing


    Mostly the waders along the Bay Trail sort themselves into flocks-of-a-feather, but these two were sharing a rock quite amicably as they waited for the tide to go out.
  9. Plain


    until they lift their wings. I left Martinez early the next morning, ran errands in Berkeley, met up briefly with my niece and her two kids, then drove to my hotel near the SF Airport. I arrived early enough that I could take a long pre-dinner walk along the Bay Trail. Mostly just the usual...
  10. Willet


    Willet (Tringa semipalmata semipalmata inornata) Rockport Beach Park, Rockport, Aransas County, Texas, USA. I get to go out of town again to another dog show for my wife. I will be back on Monday. Everyone enjoy your weekend!
  11. David and Goliath (shorebird style)...

    David and Goliath (shorebird style)...

    I thought this comical.
  12. Willet


    Willet (Tringa semipalmata semipalmata)
  13. blowin' in the wind

    blowin' in the wind

  14. two snoozing willets

    two snoozing willets

  15. Willet


  16. willet


  17. MF9 - "All clean!"

    MF9 - "All clean!"

    or maybe "Where'd everybody go?!?" Because while this guy was taking his bath, all the other Willets had left the area. And once he was done, so did I.
  18. MF8 - Wave dry

    MF8 - Wave dry

    Finally the view I was waiting for. Those wings are quite flashy for an otherwise bland, grey bird.
  19. MF7 - Shake a tail feather

    MF7 - Shake a tail feather

    Here come the final three of the bathing Willet series.
  20. SF4 - Butt and back rinse

    SF4 - Butt and back rinse

    Three more of the bathing Willet today, now SF can stand for Sunday Fun.
  21. SF5 - and behind the ears

    SF5 - and behind the ears

    Three more of the bathing Willet today, now SF can stand for Sunday Fun.
  22. SF6 - Aaargh! Water in my ears!

    SF6 - Aaargh! Water in my ears!

    Three more of the bathing Willet today, now SF can stand for Sunday Fun.
  23. SF3 - Belly bath

    SF3 - Belly bath

    He was certainly doing a thorough job of bathing. I've picked out 9 from an even longer series. Stood there watching for quite some time hoping he'd flash his black-and-white wings.
  24. SF2 - Deep rinse

    SF2 - Deep rinse

    These were among the last shots I took that day. The tide was back in and the waders were resting elsewhere ... aside from this one Willet who was having a bath. But there is more to come after the bathing Willet series. I did see more birds. I've just fast forwarded to this guy for the sake of...
  25. SF1 - Bathing ... ehm, beauty?

    SF1 - Bathing ... ehm, beauty?

    Almost Saturday, so here comes the beginning of a 9-part series of bathing Willet shots. I didn't even recognize this one as a Willet at first. Not with that bushy crew-cut "hairdo".