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yellow bellied sapsucker

  1. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    I believe this is a young male. I see him off and on around the yard.
  2. Sat FunYellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Sat FunYellow Bellied Sapsucker

    When I saw this pose, it looked to me like he just took offense to something. I imagined him talking in a southern gentleman's drawl, similar to Foghorn Leghorn. "Who ah you, I say, who ah you callin a Yellow Bellied Sapsuckuh? Why I'll have you know, suh, that I, I say I am....wait, I that IS...
  3. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Woodpecker.

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Woodpecker.

    Male. Quite a handsome bird up close.
  4. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    He found a rusting stove pipe on an old camping hut, and seemed very satisfied with the loud metallic drumming he was getting from pounding his beak against it.
  5. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Female

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Female

    Was on my back deck watching this female (she was totally unconcerned with me) when she suddenly crouched down like this and went still. Then I noticed all the birds had disappeared from the yard. She was like this for several moments, then seemed to relax and go back to business. We have...
  6. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    I have some of these woodpeckers that seem to be setting up housekeeping nearby. Both males and females are in the yard daily. And of course I can't ignore them with the camera.
  7. Yellow Bellied Sap[sucker

    Yellow Bellied Sap[sucker

    He's slightly agitated, another male was on the same small tree and they weren't getting along very well.
  8. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker taking a bath. Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first time I've ever seen a woodpecker take a bath. They and the other woody species here drink from the pan often, but never bathe in it, till yesterday. This is the only shot I got, here it's looking up to plan...
  9. Immature Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Immature Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Have two youngster in the yard at the moment. I believe a male and female.
  10. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Taken in mid June. This scared me to death. I thought this poor bird had hit one of our windows. It took me a few moments to realize she was just sun bathing. She looked very worn out and bedraggled from caring for young, so she deserved a few minutes to herself.
  11. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Fledgling

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Fledgling

    A fresh out of the nest YBS. I've been watching the adults taking peanut butter somewhere for an unusually long time. I'm not sure whether it takes longer to grow these birds, or if they lost a brood and started over again.
  12. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker female

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker female

    Yellow bellied Sapsucker female. Gaunt, dirty, disheveled, worn out, and still she is working hard to feed her brood.
  13. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Common Starling

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Common Starling

    I spread peanut butter on the trunks of this small maple. The bark is smooth and birds like starlings and Blue Jays can't cling to it and cobble at their leisure. However woodpeckers can. The Starlings and Jays have to hover for a bite, so you often end up seeing a scene like this.
  14. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Male.

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Male.

    The more I look at these woodpeckers, the more I think they are a really beautiful bird.
  15. Bathing Beauty

    Bathing Beauty

    This pretty female Yellow Bellied Sapsucker is having a good sunbathing. She is the female half of a mating pair that seems to be setting up housekeeping nearby, as they are in our yard daily. I know for a fact they are a mating pair as I actually saw them...um...you know....mating. lol Didn't...
  16. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Female

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Female

    I was so intent on getting a shot of this bird that it wasn't until I looked at the photos later that I realized it was a female. So I have a male and a female Sapsucker in the yard. Maybe they'll make babies here!
  17. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Male.

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Male.

    Had a pair of these woodies flittering around the yard yesterday.
  18. Immature Yellow Bellied Sapsuccker

    Immature Yellow Bellied Sapsuccker

    Whether a female or male I can't say, don't know enough about these birds.
  19. Handsome Fellow

    Handsome Fellow

    Been posting quite a few photos of this guy, but when this handsome Yellow Bellied Sapsucker poses, he's impossible not to take a photo of!
  20. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    One doesn't often get a view like this of a YBS. They're usually plastered, woodpecker style, belly first against a tree trunk.
  21. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    This guy has taken over the yard when he comes. He regularly chases everything from chickadees and nuthatches right up to large Hairy Woodpeckers off the feeders. Even seen him take a run at a few starlings. Very aggresive fellow.
  22. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    First one I've seen this spring. This guy showed absolutely no fear of me, often coming quite close. But was so intent on looking for something to eat that he wouldn't hold still and it was tough to get a good shot of him. Got a good view of his chin in this one though.
  23. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

    Every now and then I look out onto the back deck to find this young sapsucker sitting on the handrail. Seems to be one of it's favorite spots. It'll sit there for long periods of time sunning itself, or just be looking around. Maybe it's waiting to be offered a cold lemonade. lol Taken through...
  24. SAT FUN: Sapsucker silliness

    SAT FUN: Sapsucker silliness

    I watched a sapsucker soar over to a power pole and land on the top crossbeam. It gave a sudden loud long wailing call, "URRRRROOOWWW" then with no preliminaries at all, it suddenly collapsed, motionless on the crossbeam, only it's wing and part of its tail showing from my vantage...
  25. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

    Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

    I always thought these were very shy, retiring birds that were hard to get a good look at. Not this year. They must be used to me now, they don't seem too bothered by me wandering around outside. Yesterday I walked out my back door to find one of these birds sunning itself on the handrail of the...