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‘Wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit’ Bird Call—-Shuswap BC, Canada (1 Viewer)


Hello all!
I’ve been trying to match this song up but so far have not been able to. So thought I’d expand my resources and ask on here.
It was heard about a week ago by Shuswap Lake in British Colombia. It was coming from a tall stand of trees, but the general area has farm land, second growth forest/brush, and dense old growth forest as well as of course a Lake.
It was the first and only time I heard this call and I wasn’t able to match it with any bird call to the ones that are listed for BC on eBird.
It goes ‘wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit’ takes a break, repeats the ‘wetsuit wetsuit wetsuit’ call takes a break for about ten seconds and changes its call to a more buzzy sound but with the same pattern.
In the recording there are also Pine Siskins and Nuthatches.
Wetsuit call happens at 3-5 seconds and 6-8 seconds
The other version happens at about 18-21 seconds 30-32 seconds.


  • Wetsuit Call.m4a
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Got everyone else stumped too?
The closest I’ve gotten is rock Wren, but the sound isn’t the same and the habitat wouldn’t make sense.
The mystery continues!


Maryland USA (he/him)
United States
Welcome to the Forum, MrBlubs. Your recording sounds like calls (not songs) of American Goldfinch, with a Red-breasted Nuthatch intermittently faint in the background.


Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one! I thought I had replied, but obviously I did not.

This bird actually turned out to be a Red Crossbill. They definitely make way too many different noises!

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