1/17/09 - Waiakamali Gulch, North Kohala & Kipuka 'Ainahou

Saturday was a volunteer day for the Kohala Watershed Partnership. We were planting native understory plants in the reforestation strip between Waiakamali Gulch and Lauhine Gulch. We planted a nice variety of things in small numbers, including a couple of endangered plants. I also kept an eye out for any interesting plants in the gulch, but I couldn't get near the most interesting plants to investigate because of the cliffs. (which is what saved them from being cattle food) There is a surprisingly good variety of native plants left (by ones and twos) in these tiny gulches despite over 100 years of pigs and cattle in the pastures between them.

This photo shows how the native vegetation has been confined to the deep ravines, with nothing but pasture grass outside of them. Those are full sized trees growing within a deep ravine:

Within the ravine, an oasis: (relatively speaking)

On the way back to Hilo I stopped at Pu'u O'o Trail to use up the final hour until sunset counting birds in all the usual places.