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10x32 EL SV or 10x42 SLC (1 Viewer)


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Trying to decide which 10x would be best. If both are being offered in mint condition at the same price does anyone have experience with both? I’m unable to make a direct comparison. My main concern is the eye relief on the SLC, which is the most recent version at 16mm. I don’t use eyeglasses with binoculars and I need to extend eyecups all the way up or I get blackouts. I have a pair of 8x32 EL WB with 15mm of relief and I need to place them just so to avoid blackouts. The 10x32 from 2012 have 20mm which I know will work fine. Now my question is how do they compare looking through them? Any noticeable differences in brightness, edge sharpness, contrast, etc?
Few days ago another birder carried the SLC 10x42 and since I read here in BF how great they are I ask him if I could try them.
Was surprised how comfortable they were, no black outs and lighter than the ones I carried that day EL 10x42pro. With my EL y tend to use full extended the eye reliefs 20mm. When look through I noticed a green tint in the imagery, grass, leafs were greener than with my EL 10x42pro. I was surprised too about the focus wheel, was perfect, smooth in both directions. One thing I "regret" or at least for me has a great influence is the focus Wheel.
ELs are perfect do not get me wrong, just the tiny thing to complaint/bitch about is the focus mechanism.
I did not realise at the time how much off center image sharpness has compared to the ELs.
I was a pleasant surprise to use them, That said if would consider buying them, tha SLC 10x42 if I could find them around 600-800€, the cheaper the better. Now Swarovski EL 10x42 second hand are around 1800€ But having in mind that SLC are discontinued and I do not know what issues you could have in 5 years time if you were the send them for a repair to Swarovski.... ???
It is true that we you do not need the news bino to observe birds and from the 3 binos that I own each of them has good and bad points. EL, SF, NL.
If you could try both side by side.
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I have both, SLC 8’s and EL 10’s...I like both. For me the SLc’s balance better on a tripod than the EL’s, but the EL’s have great ergonomics and are a touch sharper to my eye. You won’t be disappointed with either in my opinion.
My main concern is the eye relief...
If you aren't wearing glasses, what matters is whether a particular model's eyecups are deep enough for its ER (on your face), not the ER measurement itself (although I consider 20mm ridiculous). If they're not, you can replace them with cups from the 8x model as I've had to do a couple of times now, including with SLC 10x42, which is a lovely bin. EL 32 ergonomics are different, it's lighter though not much smaller, and of course sharp to the edge, but I don't seem to care about that and the edges look perfectly useful to me on the SLC, which also handles glare better. Both are highly regarded here.
I agree with chill6x6, if there is no usage discomfort, I will go with the 10x32SV.
If there was a price difference, being the SLC cheaper, which I believe is not the case ...then the SLC
Both very nice! The 10x32 has 120mm FOV, the 10x42 110m.
The 10x42 a bit better in difficult light (less glare as well.) The 10x32 lighter and just a bit nicer colours during the day, imo.
I also agree with chill6x6. I prefer the SV 10x32, especially if you do mostly daylight birding. You won't notice any difference in the brightness and the SV 10x32 has a bigger FOV, better contrast, sharper edges and a smoother more consistent focuser. I have had about 6 different SLC's and 5 of them have had a focuser that was harder to turn in one direction than the other, so I am a little leary of SLC's because of that. The 10x32 and 8x32 have become my favorite birding format for their small size and light weight especially alpha's.

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