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2 birds from a European cartoon about soccer (1 Viewer)


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Ok so like i said in my introduction thread i was gonna post a thread i was gonna be here to ID some birds that are from a cartoon so here is the cartoon that i was trying to have those birds get identified so right here is a French/Italian cartoon about a bunch of kids playing nothing but soccer but its also called football in the streets of Maryport or Port-Marie in Marseille of France in Europe like the show takes place in an area in a city that is in the southern or south part of France meaning its supposed to have European birds or birds that are native and live in that country including that continent like i mean i already know what the albatross seagull birds are including the pigeons in the show but for the owl and that random species of bird i need to have that identified as well like i need the species and the genus for both of these species that are in the show like for the owl and that random bird like species what ever this is like these two got to be based on real species and genuses on both of them.
Screenshot (601).jpg
Screenshot (599).jpg
Screenshot (597).jpg
Screenshot (602).jpg
Screenshot (606).jpg

Richard Prior

Halfway up an Alp
so I reckon eagle owl twice house sparrow females collared dove spotted flycatcher but theyre all cartoonists impressions so you cannot really be sure without asking them what they thought they were drawing:gh:

Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
Eurasian Scops Owl might be more likely for the owl given the urban environment

The others look like generic sparrow types in behaviour so probably House Sparrows


Tbh as Richard said, none of these depict actual plumage of any particular species, so only the artist will know what species inspired the cartoon.

Donald Duck was inspired by the White Peking Duck but has enormous blue eyes and walks upright and Winnie The Pooh’s namesake was a Black Bear, but Winnie is golden yellow and wears a red T-shirt. (Just saying ;))

Richard Prior

Halfway up an Alp
Yes, it’s mid July folks, the silly season!!
PS, the Eagle Owls breeding round here are often in more urban environments ( plenty of rats behind supermarkets and on industrial estates!).
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Yes, I would say they are fantasy birds rather than any real attempt at an actual species.

The owl I would put down as an Eagle/Tawny type?

The passerine doesn't seem to be any real European genus - it looks like a hybrid sparrow/dove, or is it more akin to some of the smaller dove species (eg C America), but with some other characteristics.


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don't know what the birds are but that must be the longest question ever written.
cheers alan

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