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2009 - My First Year Watching Wildlife (1 Viewer)

Okay, I've cheated a little bit, I actually never started until May but I'll just overlook that little fact. At the beginning of the year I was a kind of, well, gamer type person I suppose. Spending hundreds of pounds and hundreds of hours on that latest video game, almost never venturing outdoors with the exception with a quick skip to the car in order to get to the local GAME. Then one day in May, a bird landed beside me. It was a House Sparrow and it changed my life. No longer now do I have any video games. I have my wildlife books and I have my camera, both my most prized possessions. I am no longer content with staying indoors and realise that the meaning of life is to enjoy the natural world. No longer do I want to go to Japan to see the video game metropolis that is Tokyo. I would like to go to Japan to see the Okinawa Woodpecker ;) During the year I have also realised that you do not need to go abroad to enjoy yourself, there is plenty to do here in Britain. What can be better than seeing a Capercaillie lek beside Loch Garten, an Otter at the Isle of Skye or a Golden Eagle soaring over Glencoe?

So, 2010 is coming and I want to make it as wildlife packed as possible. I wish to explore Britain, and especially Scotland as much as possible. I would like to get a good photo and maybe even one printed, I may have taken many 'good' photos if I may say so myself but I have taken nothing of which I would go as far to call unique or even excellent. Overall my goal is to just see more, explore and enjoy myself. Otter and Sea Eagle on Skye? Natterjack Toad in Dumfries? Capercaillie and Wildcat in the Highlands? Well I can only wait and hope!

Have a nice 2010 everyone!

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